Can we stop losing vs the Magic

Haven’t watched, but this 4th quarter box score is something.

God bless the most underpaid player on our team Gordon

Obviously someone said enough was enough. Devonte has got to find some consistency though.

Orlando regressing to the mean shooting wise though has helped, but once again the effort and “give a damn” has increased. I don’t know why we lose that for multiple games at a time.

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I never want the ball in Graham’s hands in clutch moments.

This team is such an absolute joke sometimes. Come back from a 12 point hole, go up by 9 with a few minutes left, let team tie game on a poorly defended effort

Good old Steve Clifford. Some things never change. Lol


And that’s why I want the ball in an adults hands during important moments of the game. Why would we let Graham fritter away a meaningful possession when we have Hayward and terry who know how to finish.


Still can’t get the ball in bounds

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Classic Clifford play call to end the game

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100% had to have happened thousands of times here

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Hayward with the casual 39. Is there any doubt that he’s worthy of a big contract? (I know that’s not the same question as should the Hornets give him one.)

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The delta between Hayward and Kemba being the go to guys at ends of games was witnessed in that drive and this win by Gordon. I mean this as no slight of Kemba but where he needed foul calls on that exact same type of drive that Hayward made, Gordon is big enough to finish through it.

Agreed, but it was augmented here by personnel as much as static coaching.

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The 4th quarter collapse, the Bacon thinking he’s Kobe and then them not being able to inbound the ball was like deja vu. At least it wasn’t us this time thank God. Cliff teams never change


:eyes: twenty characters :eyes:

Well that’s who said enough was enough at the beginning of the 4th right there

We are a much better team with The Big Handsome instead of Bismack.
Much better team when Miles is aggressive as well.

Who was it that posted the thread “Design an Inbounds Play Contest”? At the old site, during the Clifford days? That was hilarious.

zone is what teams who can’t play basketball play. always has been.


I guess Cliff’s law is a stronger power than Hornets law. Good to know.

Yes, 100% agree. It’s too easy to find an open 3 against the zone. I know we had to do it out of necessity due to our roster being the lollipop guild + Biz (reminds me of the Jason Maxiell at center years). Too many gaps and holes, no matter how prepared you are, especially with the range of shooters in the league and level of athlete.

It should never be more than a change of pace to throw at the other team to perhaps disrupt a few possessions. But nothing more than that.

Also, Miles becoming a vocal leader is great, if thats who he is. You don’t have to be the best player, but someone with respect to hold guys accountable and in line, we haven’t had that in a while. Kemba was a great player here and leader by example, but I don’t recall hearing of him really lighting into any players to fire them up.