Hornets at Magic

Game time 700 ,
Hornets 2and a half point favorites
Magic 0 for 5
Hotnets 2and 2

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AKA The Gathering (of Clifford teams).

Obligatory Mo Bamba post.

The if we lose the good vibes end and everyone goes back into sky is falling mode game


they look completely lost

Not to prove you right but based on the way we are playing we deserve to lose tonight. The Sky IS falling!

gordon hayward with back to back horrendous plays. what should have been a turnover but got bailed out by a silly foul and then the airball. woof

the sky is not falling, but this is objectively the worst basketball i’ve ever seen. and is more on par with what i was expecting this year.

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I’ve seen enough to see that this game was over from the start. I don’t see us coming back from this deficit. We suck tonight. I can’t wait till we are at full strength!

now there’s a team that finally looks like it’s playing without three starters.

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For the record, I have been promoted to Brad Pitt and you are now Shane from walking dead. A good tank commander never leaves his post

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This is pretty wild guys. I’ve never seen a team go so cold. What’s the record for lowest points ever scores in an nba game?

Record watch tonight guys! Per stat muse:

Since 1999-00, the Denver nuggets have posted the fewest points by a team in a game, with 53 points against the pistons.

Go big! Set records!

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If you’re not watching this, you’re missing out. The highlight of the game was Plumlee inbounding the ball after a made Magic basket, who throws it right into the back of Hayward who was running down the floor not even facing Plumlee.

So funny.


Good times. Hurricanes are on tonight, I saw this score and thought “well this frees up some dvr space”


My week is ruined watching this game :skull::skull:

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Our $30M a year player also had his inbound moment throwing a horrifying pass up Bouk

dont worry about it guys, we get to play the warriors tomorrow.