Big time game, need a big rebound after last night's Sun's burn

Really, really hope we show up from the tip. Worried we won’t.

I can’t stand how much Plumlee has to have the ball in his hands for no reason on our offense.

I can’t understand how the coaching staff can continue to see these lax starts and not look to change the starting group up.

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Man, teams have figured out our defense recently and we are getting badly attacked on weak side again

This group may figure out defense as they get more experience, but at this point, I’m willing to trade some O for some D. Just not getting it done.

Gave him some stick last night but Credit where it’s due, Gordon has come out aggressive tonight and is getting it done.

2nd quarter much better. Better offense, defense, and effort. Keep it going in 2nd half.

The defensive effort at the beginning of the 2nd quarter is what we need to start games. If we could do that, holy cow this team could be so special.

I’d be interested if we got a different effect by starting PJ over Mason when he gets fully back. Mason off the bench might be nice as well if that excludes a lot of Ball/Hayward minutes.

I am totally down with PJ starting at center at this point. Think his rebounding is worse but overall defensive tendencies better + huge positive offensively.

And realistically, making the opponent take the ball out of the net would slow them down vs what we’ve been providing in many starts this season.

Also we just blew a lead last 3.5 mins of 3rd and early 4th. Wow! We have terrible lead management.

Absolutely agree

​If the Hornets continue sucking coach JB has to go! I am just pissed off. I don’t think it is time for that just yet. Still I hate to see this team getting worse instead of better.

Been some really odd officiating in this game from the opening tip

I just got home scared to turn it on and I’ll jinx it

Think you are safe. This is already predisastered as it keeps flipping back and forth.

Looks like I shouldn’t of started

Eh, whatever die was cast was cast

This had better turn around real soon!

We got screwed at the free throw line tonight but their guys stepped up down the stretch in Beal and Kuzma and our big guys missed their big shots.

I think we should have won tonight but we still have another chance to win the season series against them and we’ll need it because I think they’ll be in the race like us.