Hornets vs Wizards let down game

This is going to be closer than I think it should be. The Wizards star power scares me a little.

I always get worried when Alpha and Beta guys on opposing team are out. Like we go into the game with our foot off the gas mentally. Hopefully the spectre (not that @spectre)of Russ coming off a historic triple double has us on high alert.

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Russ’s line last night was insane

Really bummed that Malik is out again… after being probably Sunday and tonight. What’s the deal.

Hopefully it means he chucks everything up today

Would love to see a 7/22 Westbrook game

Just here to state the obvious: glad GH looks like he found his shot.

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God gave us the Martins to remind ourselves that we are still all Bobcats fans at the end of the day lol

I really think if they didn’t match each other like they are 10, I may like them a little more. Just do something different please.

Too close for comfort.

I was about to come hate on our center situation, but Zeller about got a double-double in 13 minutes, so can’t hate too much.

BB just needs sticky hands. By any means necessary.

Terrible technical foul followed by terrible miss by the opponent followed by our announcer dropping Shakespeare: fascinating minute of basketball.

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Don’t talk about - playoffs ? You kidding me? Playoffs ?. Just kidding. We are just having a tough game.

Rozier has gravel in his guts.

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Terry likes to win basketball games


I’m going to say it because it needs to be said. Terry Rozier is a star.


He just keeps getting better. We may have an allstar on our hands next year, although, he plays like one now.

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He definitely seems like he has that killer instinct that is absolutely vital for a contender. I like that we have him for another season to get some things in place, and assuming he continues to play well, can lock him up after that.

That was definitely one of the most bizarre calls I’ve ever seen. Not sure how two guys accidentally running into each other is a technical foul. If it has to be something, why not just a common foul, or even a flagrant (although I don’t think it was flagrant worthy) would’ve made more sense. But a tech?

This highlights a pet peeve I have with the current interpretation of physical play. I totally understand the need to discourage acts that are brutal and clearly involve excessive force, or just reckless play even if there’s no malicious intent. But all these plays where refs are going to the monitor and calling flagrant fouls in cases where a guy is just making a normal basketball maneuver and inadvertently catches someone with an elbow, that’s got to stop. That isn’t flagrant. It’s just a function of playing a sport that’s physical in nature. Cody’s collision with Mathews clearly fell in that bucket.


I don’t get this call as well, head scratcher at best. Was there any extra motion on Zeller’s part? This should have been just a no call.

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