Can we stop Losing versus the Blazers

I drove past the Spectrum center just now definitely miss going to games.

Still a tough injury sheet

Should see Vern and Riller tonight

Well Vernon started, played 20 seconds and went to the bench, I missed why he was taken out. Anybody know?

With that being said, what a quarter!

Enjoy it while it last. At some point the Blazers will make a big run. How we answer that run will say a lot.

2 fouls in 20 seconds

I just realized that, wow

I expect VC Jr to show flashes of what he is capable of but I don’t expect consistency.

I guess he is causing too many fouls too quickly to see much from him tonight.

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Big difference tonight is PJ. He allows Terry and Jalen to play a completely different game.

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Hopefully the Blazers don’t have too big of a run in them.

We gotta stop this run

Need Miles and PJ in

I knew this was going to happen!

Heck of a time for our guys shooting to go cold!

My frustration at Eric Collins’ optimism and jinx taunting down the stretch was at an insane level

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Hell yeah boys. I’m back in!

It’s so nice to have different guys step each night. Obviously, monster game from Terry, but PJ playing a great game coming back.

Hate that VC got the foul trouble. I was really hoping to watch him score some buckets again.

VC’s season has been wasted. I don’t expect much from him at this stage in the season.

How do you mean wasted? Just because of circumstances or mismanaged?