Hornets v Blazers: All Hallows’ Eve Edition - The Thread

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Very curious to see how we operate with Rozier moving forward.

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At full power tonight fellas

We will need it


Let’s get another W on the book

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Is that a reference to Miles?

I know it’s kind of late but can’t make it to the game tonight. Does anyone want 2 tickets?

Not watching game, but love seeing Oubre continuing to score from the bench.

Glad to see Rozier back.

60-53 Blazers at the half

89-88 good guys after 3

Good win, glad to see LaMelo back in form too

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Strong win and authenticates our early record

Dame is struggling but they are a good team


I miss having Cody Zeller on the team. Made me a little sad at the end there.

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He helped them about as much as he helped us. Nice guy though

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Agreed. Cody is a good guy, a great teammate and a solid player. I was all for upgrading the talent level at the position, but I don’t see Plumlee as a significant upgrade over Cody so I’d have just as soon resigned Cody for the 2.3 mil Portland is paying him.

Tonight was beautiful to watch. Terry’s reintegration felt seamless. The ball movement was crisp. 5 different guys with at least 5 assists. Nice to have so many weapons. They shared the ball. Everyone got their touches and it never felt like anyone was pressing too hard. Great team win. Nice to get a taste of what we can be with everyone healthy.


Agreed if he could stay healthy

I do like Plum’s ball handling and passing better

plumlee is a better finisher too. isn’t as effected by contact at the rim as cody.