Game 1: Tank Battle with the Spurs

Oh I’ll be posting jalen Duren updates all year

He’s on the floor, but I wouldn’t really call it “playing”. He’s just out there.

Worth a late first round pick and a few second rounders.

Me either, was told that’s who they wanted… they drafted him as I told everyone they would… and then…

Same thing happened with Shai


Not saying Duren won’t be good but Wiseman started hot too

Would love to see us blow this game. I want to see it so bad.

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Contract year PJ is a real thing

Ended up doing the 7 day trial so I could watch. Dennis Smith Jr is hitting shots!

His shot looks nice. His defense is nice to have at the point of attack


Dennis Smith guys! Maybe he’ll put it all together with us. He still is young.

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Jalen McBuckets on both ends

The DSJ, Jalen, Thor, Nic second unit is fun

It would be even more fun with another Jalen in there.

Richards actually looks like a competent big.


Nic looks great. But time to get in our third string. This is out of hand

I’m calling it now… We’re going to win the whole frigging thing


Why is Hayward still in the game??

Why are any of the first 9?

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Still no mark Williams.

I just don’t get it. I’m happy with how well we played but give the young guys minutes damnit.