Huge game brothers

Stop leaving Horford open!

Lamelo with some HUGE plays and Scary Terry with the DAGGER

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And just like that, Borrego SITS Lamelo and Celtics score 2 3s in 20 seconds. WOW.

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Holy shit guys what the fuck.

I looked away for a few seconds, did JB really sit lamelo?

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That’s such vintage rozier in the fourth. People forget he was doing this all season last year. Huge in the fourth.

Thank god the Celtics shot the ball like trash. Absolute trash.

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Great win and on national tv

Almost a quadruple double for Lamelo!

15, 10, 10, 8 Turnovers (pretty sure thats career high)



Take a moment to let that sink in fellas. Legit, when was the last time we won a nationally televised game?

9-3 over the last 12, with games coming up: OKC, ATL, @TOR, @IND. And then the two mediocre/subpar LA teams in charlotte right after that.

As the schedule eases up some, look out eastern conference? If we continue to win I’d say a trade is less likely.


Were they “Netflix and chilling”?

Strange as hell benching LaMelo at 2 mins. But way stranger was Ime calling that TO with 7 secs left. Think of he doesn’t do that, Ball doesn’t get the trip-double. Great win in a game that saw very little contributions from PJ and Gordon.

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Screw what they’re doing, I took over the couch at halftime. The Hornets gave me all the excitement that Netflix and chill could provide tonight.

That strangeness at the end of the game for the C’s seems to be common w their current coach. I think it’s a growing problem for them, and a bad vibe.

So what is this team? Are the Hornets, you know, good at basketball? Are they actually well coached? Oh my.

Watching Oubre and Rozier shooting daggers is sooo much fun.

If Bridges isn’t an All-Star I don’t know what is.

JB isnt perfect but otherwise is quite a good game manager and is handling his team really well.

LeMelo is obviously a gifted player but 8 turnovers shows the flash is still often out of control. He’ll mature. In the meantime, I can understand if JB would rather use the Rozier/Martin/Oubre alternative at times. Those are guys he can fully trust. LeMelo doesn’t seem to mind too much. He’s having his fun.

Happily married for over 30 years but hanging with a “random girl” sounds kind of compelling lol. On second thought I could readily “watch a movie” with my wife. That’s even better.


If the goal is for lamelo to play more controlled and limit the turnovers (especially in crunch time situations), he’s going to have to actually play and practice that in crunch time situations. Benching him at the end of the fourth is bad coaching. Guys, this is still a development year. Any success is just icing on the cake.

I think JB is a great young coach, but he makes some bad decisions. Just because we’re winning for the first time in forever, doesn’t make him immune to criticism.

Things like I just mentioned above and mishandling the Bouknight situation are points of frustration for me.


Nice to hear the announcers gushing about us much of the game.

Oubre had some crazy silky shots last night. Just incredibly smooth. Love his game.

I think I heard in the commentary that we were the only team with 5 players who have at least 3 30 point games. That was cool too.


Awesome stretch of games and growth from our Hornets (except Magic hiccup)! Kinda confused why Richards has totally fallin out of rotation. He has showed ability to finish around rim, alter/block shots, rebound and hit free throws. He’s turned himself into a very reliable back up center and has potential to be starter in the coming years once he starts taking midrange or 3pt shots. His shot is to good, eventually he will gain that confidence if he gets regular playing time. Hornets will need his length and strength during playoffs so coach better keep him in basketball rhythm. Plumlee minutes can be divided for sure, he’s not much better other than passing. Especially if both players get equal minutes, Richards has much higher upside with his length and quickness and has shown a lot of growth this year when given the opportunity. We do NOT need to make a trade, we just need to utilize the best center on our roster and not bury him on the bench. C’mon coach!! Richards makes your defense better no doubt and that’s what you keep preaching???
7’0 feet tall 245 lbs plus and can run, jump quckly and hit free throws unlike Plumlee.
Plumlee FT has to be worse in NBA or at least the ugliest shot. Plum dog helps but he’s getting to many minutes when you have better athlete and finisher on the bench.


Our defense over the past 12 games or so has been rated inside the top 10. Which is hard to believe considering we were near the bottom until this stretch.

Plumlee has been good over the last few weeks and a good anchor. His per 36 rebounding numbers a mad nice. Also, his patented reverse jam always lifts the spirits.

Edit: defensive efficiency rating of #7 in the league over the past ten games actually.

Plumlee has been playing great. It’s a nice surprise and gives the team a big lift.

But I agree Richards needs minutes. In the playoffs, Plumlee’s free-throw shooting will make him unplayable at times.


I’ve also been a little surprised that Richards has fallen out of the rotation of late. He’s definitely made great strides this season, and given our overall lack of size, you’d think we’d use him at least a few minutes, especially against bigger lineups. I suspect JB is seeing something on the defensive end he doesn’t like. Even still, I’ve seen enough that I now believe Nick can help us going forward, and prior to this season I never would have believed that was possible.

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I’ve been very surprised too. He catches and finishes very well. Hardly ever misses free throws. Plumlee drives and kicks out that’s his offensive game, occasional lob. Richards could push us to top 5 maybe in defense if we let him play enough!!

Bridges, Ball, Rozier, Oubre, Martin should all be untouchable. We need to keep Richards and both rookies since I think Boukenight will be special one day and the other rookie could as well in 2-3 years. Boukenight is great insurance policy in case of injury before or during playoffs.

Anyone else can be traded including a draft pick since we so deep if it helps us land upgrade at Center.

You’re exceptionally high on Richards … minority of one high.

I mean he’s improved from ‘has no place in an NBA rotation’ at the start of the season to a ‘serviceable backup, potential rotational piece’, which is great and good on him for that. Not seeing the player you are but certainly hope to.