Huge game brothers

I was super high on trading for Mobamba last season while price tag was cheap and he was not getting hardly any playing time. Now a year later he’s a top 3-4 center on trade market. You got to see what these guys can become with regular playing time based on their skill set and athletic ability. Can’t judge them if coach barely gives them any minutes. Unless it’s due to attitude or lack of motivation.

I see that viewpoint but isn’t Richards older than Bamba? I just think Bamba is a significantly superior prospect but, as was the case with Cody’s sudden rise from end of bench piece to genuine NBA quality rotational player, there’s no reason why Richards can’t make a similar step-up. I certainly have my fingers crossed.

All that said, Plumlee has been on a nice roll of late and deserves priority. Likewise PJ needs minutes. So there’s not a lot left for Richards. There’s plenty of games left, I suspect JB will get him back in.

I’m the opposite. I am not surprised that Richards has fallen out of the rotation. That’s consistent with JB’s overall approach. If Bouknight isn’t playing, you can be sure as shit Richards isn’t going to play.

Yeah, I think he’s playing PJ and Plumlee more for defense. He probably sees there’s not a lot of games left now and they need to turn the D around QUICKLY. So this might be a temporary thing where the veterans take the lead and establish the team’s defensive identity. Then later, guys like Richards can be brought back in and pick up everything as they go. I also think they’re probably working more with him off court to continue to develop him in other areas. I expect to see him playing meaningful minutes again in the future. Obviously whatever they’ve been doing has been working, because, prior to this season, no one knew Richards would be this good. That’s promising for the program.

Nick might get minutes Friday minimally. I don’t see Nick as being unreasonably reduced in usage. He’s a great guy to pull in for super-spot minutes when needed or in a larger role if we have a player out entirely. That seems in keeping with Ish’s usage as well.

It’s a problem if he can produce better than Plumlee or PJ? I’m talking about on both sides of the ball.
He’s looked very well rounded and productive when he was getting 10-20 min per game. He can guard these big strong centers that keep killing us and help protect the paint better than Plumlee. You guys just wait this dude will be hitting 15 -18 footers one day on a consistent basis and dominating paint once a coach gives him some legit playing time.

tell that to coach JB. I would not count on seeing minutes or playing time for Richards or any of the younger players. hate it or love it, at least he’s consistent.