Game 24: Sixers at Hornets

New franchise record for margin of defeat? :cry:

53 pts. Ooof

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Hayward out with illness.


Thanks for the update


Can’t score. This could go downhill quick

So back court…who other than Ish is available that red dog will play?

other than starters


NSJ and Thor?

Oh and Mensa


Oh Jr forgot about him

mensah drew another O foul and on embiid to boot

Hey AI is in the building


Team really doesn't seem to care


Nick playing with some passion


Geez, big pat is even troling us


Welp now Miller is in concussion protocol Kelly tried to kill him twice. Great


Where was that intensity on defense the last 2 years by KO?


Nick Smith should play every night

Dude brings it on both ends


Really don't understand why NSJ doesn't get more time


I know cliff doesnt believe in double teams. Maybe we will double Embiid to not let him get to his spot when we are down 40

We really thought that single covering a Center averaging 40 this month (and leading the league in scoring) would be a good defensive gameplan tonight lol

And Miller still not back on the bench the curse continues

Miller is warming up at Halftime FYI so guess he is good to go. Thank goodness (for future lol this game was over before it started)


Miller is out there. Might be a good sign. Might mean he's out there with a concussion and will be out the next 3 weeks


Ugly. But take any team in the league, take away starting PG, C, SF, 2 of their top 2nd team players and see how they do.


Looks like Sharpe is trying to talk Miller out of playing to me, hope I am wrong

I am wrong, Miller is starting 2nd half

Flagrant fouls are legal against the Hornets


Can Charlotte sports just sit out for a year? Like is there a Red Shirt for the city?

rofl 1

Geez how many faces can Embiid take out?

This is so embarrassing

On another note, Nick is really regressing. I thought Mensa outplayed him tonight and that's kinda stunning.

I think it looked worse than that

I really can’t see how cliff keeps his job. Listless is the best adjective. It was the same as his first tenure.

It was also the same with jb.

Maybe the franchise is listless

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Gotta start with a GM that seems like he cares and is trying. Sooner the better.


I feel Mitch has been absent in his duty since he never addressed a defensive big with working hands under jb.


I agree that Mensah looked better than Richards tonight. I thought he looked better than him defensively last game too.

I also think that the gameplan that we had against Embiid was the dumbest defensive plan we could have possibly had. Let him just get all the way to his most efficient spot every posession in single coverage, mostly with a guy guarding him in his 2nd NBA game.

Like, trap the guy to get the ball out of his hands maybe ONCE?

Wander if we could make some kind trade with for MoBamba with them . He’s so far down on thair rotation . It might not take much to get him, He might be able to start for us.
Any thoughts about how we could get him.

After looking Thor and any one down should work money wize . That and a second should work
Me I like getting him in hear . He could turn into a long term piece.

With Steve Clifford there is no fair way to assess the talent or lack thereof on our team! I get the injuries and their effect on the team and a need for more talent but it seems that in far too many games there is a lack of positive effort. Our poor start to the season we were healthy enough to start much better than we did. No excuses need to be made. Even if the players won’t compete for coach Clifford they are paid very well to play a kids game and they should be having fun and give maximum effort! However, with that being said, I think our season is over so at least we can try an interim head coach and see if our guys lose by closer scores. I can accept losing but what I can’t accept is knowing games are by all intents and purposes over as soon as the other teams take an early six or more point lead. I would like to see the team in more games with a chance to win!

I personally think coach Clifford has to go! If we were in more games with a realistic chance to win I wouldn’t think coach Clifford would need to be replaced. However, far too often I know how games will turnout because they all follow a certain pattern!

We can’t even develop proper talent because our G League is as crappy under coach Surenkamp as what our NBA team has been under coach Clifford. It is not simply a matter of a talent deficiency. Both leagues have ****** leaders for our teams and I would bet that under proper leadership both the Hornets and the Swarm would improve and compete better than they have up to this point! If our teams show very little improvement under new head coaches than so what? We will know for sure what needs to change!

Doesn’t Clifford hate Mo Bamba?

Also, theres a reason he doesn’t play just saying but can he be worse than Richards has been?

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Considering his first pro head coach, I’m not convinced it had to end up that way.



Sort of like a lazy, stale fart.

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As a lifetime prisoner…I mean member of Charlotte Sports Teams, just doing my duty and checking in.

I do appreciate the Sixers adopting the Cobra Kai lifestyle of show no mercy. They definitely swept our legs. Then stomped on them. Lit them on fire. Grilled them. Then fed it to us without any seasoning.

Anything to accelerate the cleansing of all the basketball operations and decision makers. And coaching. And doctors. And trainers.

Who’s excited for Panther’s Sunday to cleanse our palate? Maybe they can keep it within 50 because of the monsoon.


It’s a sad statement that best part of last night for my daughter and me was Bacon Strip and the Chihuahua.

You think that chihuahua could play third string center?

At this point i truly hope the owners see the issues and are willing to truly rebuild this team from top to bottom. No cut corners no half steppin. Best medical team/training staff you can buy, Since the charlotte team has come back it has been stuck between awful/one of the worst teams in the league and on its best days a painfully mediocre team all the while every single nba team has had more success than us. Charlotte deserves it