Game 68: Hornets at Sixers

The Kai Jones revenge game

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Take away a basket when the score was 42-41 and momentum shift. Game over. This team is soft!

We had plenty of fight in the 4th quarter. Tre had a really good showing.

Refs kicking Miller was just ridiculous. Maxey fouled him before the elbow to his nose.

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This guy Poku is pretty good for someone who was waived

Bullshit flagrant call. WTH





Refs had Miller's under

What a crock of shit


no way in hell a flagrant 2. I wasn’t even sure it was a 1

And maxey fouled him first but of course no call

I really want to beat these guys in their house


What was the deal with Miller getting ejected?


Maxey was defending 24 tight on the sideline and he tried dribbling out of it. His right arm was raised and his elbow caught maxey in the nose

Ridiculous to call it intentional


Miller sure doesn’t seem to get the ref treatment that I have seen of #2 picks.

I am glad they had some fight. It just seems that teams go on a run against us and we close in to within four to six points but always end up losing by 8 to 14 points, Game in and game out we lose within that margin and we just can’t seem to win these games we are clearly good enough to win. How much of the blame resides with coach Clifford?

tired of Clifford basketball.


Clifford is a terrible coach and absolutely needs to be replaced. His play calling is head scratching at best.

24 is our only starter out there with any bbiq and he’s a rookie. Miles has the talent but any team with him trying to lead is going to struggle.

Micic, Mann and Richards are all bench guys (definitely better than the g-league version we were trotting out) so we should be losing.

Just not getting blown out by teams like Detroit.


Welcome to HP! I so hope he’s fired by 4/15. I’m just not 100% sure it’ll happen.

The thing the baffles me is that there is a common theme to us losing to some of the better teams record wise to us. We compete for a while than a momentum lifting play takes place and we see the other teams go on a sizable run and we never recover. They get up 12 to 20+ points but we get back in games at times only to see us lose routinely by 8 to 14 points. It is not just a matter of bad coaching in regards to strategy from my perspective. It comes to down to mental weakness as well. I will say injuries have played a roll but the above mentioned is something we have seen far too many times, even when everybody was healthy from before the trades and after. Jeff Peterson has ties and a cordial relationship with Clifford from sharing time with the Nets and now Clifford can use injuries as an excuse to keep his job and I foresee Clifford being our head coach when next season starts.

Welcome to HP!

Almost everyone here feels the same about Cliff because it’s obvious. Yet Peterson would ignore all that just because he knew him before?

God I hope we didn’t just hire someone like that.

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I’m very concerned about this.

I was hoping for JPeterson to be the hire for awhile. If Clifford remains the coach, that will be 2.5 strikes on JPeterson for me.

Hopefully it’s just my H-PTSD.

I also stated the fact that Clifford has had to deal with a ton of injuries and many of his players were traded away at or just before the trade deadline. I hope I am wrong but I have seen that kind of reasoning used before and until it is proven we aren’t under a curse I will have my doubts.