Bucks Game or at least 1st quarter

Rozier letting the NBA know he’s ready to contribute to a playoff team.

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We’re about to have a 50 point 1st quarter.

What is this life?

We just tied the Warriors for most points scored in the 1st quarter of an NBA game.

Just cut the game on… what in the world. That said…. We are still going to lose arent we?


What the actual f

This can’t be real

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Rozier can’t miss. We will never see them play like this ever again. Might be the last game I watch……

What the hell… I’m back in baby! Playin here we come! Haha

Jordan had to have cussed their ass out after Memphis or something

We are the best team in the nba

Oh of course.

The most impressive thing is they didn’t even come close to blowing it


I thought the same.

won every quarter.


Sybil! Sybil! Sybil!

Yeah… I was like 90% sure they’d still lose the game. I’d love the top draft pick, but I do hope we see more of this as the season goes along.

As much as Rozier can often be pretty bad, he can also occasionally be pretty good. Late in the game, when it didn’t matter, Terry’s shot started failing him; and.he.just.kept.shooting. Oh, Terry.

But overall this was one of those uncommon games where everyone was in a collective zone. The defensive hustle was impressive.

I dunno, I don’t think I trust it. Still, Martin and DSJ are back. Maybe this is real. No, I doubt it.

Plumlee, ironically, seems to be the guy holding this team together. He’s playing his ass off and mostly playing well, at least for 3 quarters. He seems to disappear in 4th quarters.

I don’t think they can afford to trade Mason, not that they would anyway because they don’t engage in that sort of activity.

They can’t afford not to. Your thoughts train is exactly why this has been my position since July.

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Mason has played extremely well this season. In fact, it’s probably been the best season of his career. But the question we have to ask of all our guys is how do they factor into the team’s plans going forward? At nearly 33 and in a contract year, he isn’t realistically a part of this team’s future. It would make no sense to re-sign him to some multi year double digit million deal at his age when we have two young centers who are much cheaper and ready to contribute. That’s why I would take the opposite view and say we can’t afford NOT to trade him. His value is as high as it will ever be right now. As well as he is playing, it’s wasted in a sense because we aren’t ready compete yet and to the extent that he’s contributing to meaningless wins, it’s actually counterproductive to the overarching goal. Moreover, every minute he plays is a minute Richards/Williams loses in terms of development and our ability to evaluate them for the future.

Every other vet except Hayward, you could argue, could have a role in our immediate future and thus, an argument could be made for keeping them. But Plumlee and Hayward are both past that window, IMO.


Didn’t see Chef’s post but he captured my thoughts much more succinctly.