Bucks in for a hard time tonight

Bucks playing on a back to back tonight . With their top three players out along with a top reserve.
I think we have a good chance at getting another win tonight

I honestly worry about our focus more on nights other teams are decimated than those they are at full strength.

But I love we are starting Jalen again. He’s my breakout hope of this year.

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Click here for Bucks Injury Report link

all five starters out we have a good chance . link above

Hopefully our guys don’t take the Bucks too lightly tonight.

Really struggling to understand why Caleb Martin is getting time if TOs were the reason to not play Jalen earlier in the year.

Jalen making a serious case.

We better win by double digits!

Caleb Martin proving why he probably won’t be on the roster next season

How is Thanasis a more impactful player than PJ?

Also, maybe McDaniels is too?


Jalen, go easy on 'em man! That was badass

Bucks no names put up fight, need to finish off and not lose this

Caleb should not be on roster next, or playoff roster this years

Yes Short handed, but Caleb 8 minute painfully stands out in half of some stretches of bad basketball (again)…Cody must be hurt to get 4 min or JB really twins confused.

The rumors of Devonte’s demise were apparently premature and inaccurate

PJ getting constant postup ops against Sam Merrill and he is not looking like the bigger man. Has to result to those fadeaway over the right shoulder hooks. He did get an and 1 though but he should be EATING against Sam Merrill

Going to strong disagree with the masses here that don’t think PJ is playing a good game. He’s been very solid and we look significantly better with him out on the floor on both sides of the ball.


Martins right into the game to stymie the offense

Dear Lord Terry - that’s just insane

Man, our deep reserves are really a disaster as a group. Maybe one or two folded in can give NBA minutes with three otherwise competent players but as a group, they are 1980s horror movie scary.

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Glad to get the win but that is something we should do! Next game is going to be a real test!

Well, that was an unexpected gift. Didn’t realize we were going to get their G-League affiliate tonight. But I’ll take it. We really have caught some breaks of late getting teams at less than full strength.

We’re down 44% of our scoring, what are teams getting in us?