Hornets at Heat game

Moving forward season long, I don’t see why Malik monk wouldn’t go 6/8 from beyond the arc in a single half every night. No problem. Totally sustainable production.


PJ going full retard out there wow (sorry I gotta find a better expression, but this one sums it up sometimes).

This defense is…horrible. A lot of chasing, standing, watching, no box outs.

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Aw man. Hope PJ is okay. Yuck

One more quarter let’s bring it home

It’s so strange how often a guy that’s not having a good game will tweak something

Probably has to do with them starting to press to make it work

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That or you get timid when things aren’t working and that leads to wrong place wrong timing issues.

Monk is so lighting it up

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Yikes Butler is going off

30 in coming!


I hate how we always put Monk in the corner and he doesn’t touch the Ball. They need to get him the ball. He hit those two 3s in a row and really didn’t touch the ball until that 3 point play.

Come on lock up guys

Heartrate is off the damned hook right now.

I do need to study right now and we get bonus hoops

Love it for Monk that he gets the tying shot.


And this is why you don’t bench Monk. Just ridiculous JB.

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You got damn right Malik. OT lets beat these jerks


So happy for Malik he is ballin

Even better.


3 years ago I would have posted a quippy “I told you so” gif. I have really matured since then.

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