Hornets at Heat game

Except I was arguing against him starting so who you telling? :slight_smile:

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let’s go Devonte!!!

OMG, I did NOT expect that from Tae there. That was some cold blooded shit right there

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devonte motherfuckin graham


Only improvements I would make on this is capitalization

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Devonte is just incredible my God

Kiss our Hornet ass Miami!


GG. Love that Monk gets final rebound too.

Good for him. I don’t really question the coaching decisions, but I think this goes a long way to making everybody feel better and more confident.

I am just glowing. There is no team I want us to crush more. That rivaled last year’s last game win over Miami.


I love this team, when we play the right guys. So fun! Love Monk.

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OK, that was fun!!!

This team has really responded since the Indiana game. They could have really headed in a different direction but these kids play tough! They don’t quit…

We don’t have an MVP type player but we are deeeep

PJ and Miles have bad games, Terry is out… and we win a slug fest on the road against yet another Eastern contender.

Very impressive…

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Great work by Monk and wins by Hornets against solid competition.

Last year 17 ppg end of season show his offense on display, but like career marred by team being -10 when on court.

While offense still there, start season frustrating rookielike least competent in backcourt and some worst ever +/- in career…in addition to any suspension caused trust break with coach and team

strong 4 games turn things around, has shooting and playmaking to still get buckets, but complete effort and now a net positive when on court for season.

Need good Monk to show whatever coach speak choice will be thrown out …hard work, maturity, etc…and maintain consistency and keep bad net loss negative Monk from coming back and getting buried on bench again.

I needed a day to process what I witnessed last night. Probably one of the most gratifying wins in all the years I’ve followed this team. Beating a good team (and not the diminished version) down 2 starters, overcoming lethargic play and a double digit deficit and showing composure in OT while the team that was in the NBA finals unraveled, was gratifying beyond words. So many heroes. So many guys stepping up.

  • LaMelo acquitted himself well in his first start. Had some big shots and dimes down the stretch despite the foul trouble.
  • Wasn’t Haywards best game but he still stepped up when he needed to with some big boy buckets at winning time. Nice to have a true go-to guy.
  • DeVonte was HUGE. So happy for him and glad to see him coming back to form after a tough start to the year. Cold blooded on those last two shots. Grown man stuff. He is quieting all of the doubters.
  • Cody…I have to say I didn’t even appreciate how much we missed him when he was out. Like many of us I’d love to upgrade to a star-ish big, but he’s solid and steady, and his solid steadiness was huge last night.
  • Caleb’s stat line was unspectacular, but I love that kid. He battles, makes timely shots, defends, draws charges, gets deflections, and just does all the dirty jobs that can go unnoticed, but matter a lot. Loved how he wasn’t afraid to get in the posters last night and made Butler and Bam earn everything they got.
  • But Malik though…at a human level, how can you not feel good for the guy. He’s gotten in his own way at times but last night showed why he was a lottery pick. He carried us. Big shot after big shot. Proud of him for hanging in there through it all.

Proud of us as a team. There will be more ups and downs for sure, but we grew up some last night at it was good to see.


Another interesting/humorous observation from last night…I might’ve lost track, but I don’t recall Butler scoring again after his “Give me the F’ing ball” tirade. Kudos to the defense for shutting him down and making the other guys make shots.

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Slight counterpoint on Graham. Not to diminish. But a lot of those Graham makes we’re very tough shots that were low quality, many of which a result of a bad possession and him dribbling the ball around too much. If he missed those instead of made them, we’d be calling some of them bad possessions. Just my two cents.

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there was a lot of that in that game, not just from devonte. but thems the breaks. some games they come together and some games they don’t. last night they did.

for as much congratulations as monk is deservedly getting, he went 6 for his first 7 threes. that doesn’t happen every night either.

don’t over analyze, just enjoy it.

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But he didn’t miss. He made two daggers that helped seal a great win. I get that you’re not a Graham fan, but come on. At some point you have to give him a little bit of credit. Besides, it’s not like last night was the first time he’s made big shots for us.

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No no, I’m fairly confident monk will be 9/13 from 3 every game. Oh, don’t worry, I ran the advanced analytics data😉


So there was something won, something lost - hope PJ is back quickly.