Beat Atlanta boys!

I wish he’d move both of them. My biggest fear is that we extend both of them and let Monk walk. I’d probably give up at that point.

Can somebody tell JB to stop playing the Martins 🤦🏻

MJ and Mitch can’t be happy about it can they?

This sounds like a culture vs. talent problem. I think the Martin twins reflect the culture JB wants to enstill across the team, and playing them is a way to validate that if you play hard all the time you will be rewarded.

There’s a saying “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. On the NBA level though that’s a very fine line, and by his quotes, Malik is doing everything he can.

Yes Malik had the drug issue, but that’s water under the bridge at this point. 85% of NBA players smoke weed, so it’s obvious that either the Martin twins are not performing as well in games as they do in practice or they’re holding Malik out for a possible trade in the works?


I’m not as down on the Martins as many here are. Their defensive prowess and energy has typically yielded positive results, and Caleb has also provided a nice offensive spark in several games. That being said, I don’t think there’s ever a reason to play them together as it just exacerbates their limitations.

While I don’t have an issue with the Martins (and particularly Caleb), being in the rotation, the lack of PT for Monk is puzzling, especially given how well he was playing prior to the suspension last year. There’s got to be a dimension to this we aren’t aware of. But as others have said, even if we’re done with him, showcasing him for potential trade partners would seem to make sense.

Graham’s struggles are equally puzzling. Although to his credit, as poorly as he has shot the ball this year, he seems to have a knack for knocking down big 3s in big moments.


I’m not really down on them tho I do think having both is a little much; I love defensive players (see MKG). It was more the group Borrego had out there…anyone could place a good bet on losing the lead. Devonte playing like last season then ok. Now tho?

We’ve had a lot of mediocre coaches (remember Bernie subbing by the game clock?). I hope Borrego isn’t more of the same. He’s still young and I consider his mentor Pop one of the best ever. Hopefully we’ll see growth with him as well as our prospects.

Those two guys could not hold MKG’s jock strap on their best day


Excellent post @cltblkhscoach.

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I think I’d most like to see JB playing next year’s perceived starters now. We’re not going for wins, we’re going for player development. So let’s develop the starting group.

The only negative with starting Ball would have been if the NBA was too big for him or if he’d have sunk in the deep waters of playing against starters. I think we can all agree, that’s not the case. While I was fine with him coming off the bench for the entire season, Devonte is so drastically off form that I do think he should start now.

I want to see us with our two big playmakers in Ball & GH on the floor as much as possible. I want to see Terry with those two as much as possible. I also want to see PJ develop with that group too. Let’s make that switch now. A welcome by-product of that would be giving Devonte minutes against bench players to hopefully build some confidence. Devonte & Miles as our 6, & 7th men is just fine with me.

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I’m a little disengaged until I see Ball starting, Monk playing, and the Martins playing no more than 10 minutes a night.

I’m not as anti-Martin (either of them) as most but there does come a point in time when reality has to bite. The reality is they should be right at the very end of your rotation, ideally just off it. And that’s their ceiling. I like them just fine and they seem good team guys, with each bringing a slightly different skillset.

I’m also not as pro Monk as most but the simple, indisputable fact is he has a higher ceiling than either Martin. With our current objective of player development we should be able to find minutes to either develop Monk for ourselves or showcase him for value. Assuming he’s being a good citizen in the locker-room/off the court and is over his recent illness, the time has to have come to bring him into the rotation.

I’m with you. The Martins are fine to use if there’s big foul trouble, giving players a quick rest, or we’re getting our asses kicked and need a few minutes of energy. There’s no reason on god’s green earth they should be playing consistently more than 10 minutes a game in the NBA. Euro league or an international basketball team? Sure.

My desire to see monk is also about his ceiling. If he can show up and score in bunches than great. My desire to see Monk is also a reflection of my dislike for Graham. I think people are allowing their emotions cloud their judgment for Graham. It’s a great story and he has great heart and passion, it’s true.

The Martins and Miles are our best defenders. Monk has had three years to get consistent and learn to play on both sides of the ball. Up side is unlimited for Monk but he can’t seem to get out of his own way. I think that’s why JB don’t play him. I think he needs a new start with some one who can get the most out of him.