Hornets at Tampa Bay, part 1 - 01.14.21

I know Toronto is under performing, but given we were without GH, feel like they went ok. Got to see a little Monk, Ball hinting at triple double again, Rozier looking solid, Graham finding some range, PJ 20-11-2.

Lots to feel good about even though we lost.


I feel the same way. We played well enough to win that one… just some dumb turnovers in the 2nd quarter and rebounding was not good.

for all things holy! Can Borrego let go of his love affair for the Martin twins?


Probably not. I’ll always question his coaching until he ends his fascination with them

i definitely think i am in the minority with this opinion, but i prefer either martin to monk. i prefer caleb to miles over long stretches of game time. they are both very good defensively and yes, they have a lower ceiling but i feel like they make others better.

i also don’t want to appear hyper critical of lamelo, because i think he is going to be pretty good, but he has to stop all that hand switching and ball faking on his layups. he needs to focus on going straight in for the layup. i think it is mainly that he always wants to pass, which isn’t bad in itself, but he is finding out this isn’t aau where this type of stuff works. he also absolutely must get a pull up jumper (not floater/push shot) by next year. these two things are mission critical type things that he must do to realize his ceiling.

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Kind of agree on all fronts except for the Bridges part. The twins play hard as balls… they are just not that good.

Monk can score.

Melo is a bit sloppy with the ball at times but will be fine.

The issue is that THIS is just where we are right now. It’s not the Martin’s or Monk… all three need to be replaced by one beast wing. Unfortunately we have no magic wand for that at this time.

Amd man do we need a Collins type player right now. We could be 10-3 if we did.


I probably should have clarified the miles comment. I like miles, but was trying to convey long stretches of playing time. I like his energy over short stretches. I really like how he has grown iq wise especially with cutting/moving without the ball. But when he doesn’t make an impact, I prefer the martins.

Man don’t get me started, Ive been beating the drum for Collins. I’d absolutely send 2 firsts, Zeller, and Miles for Collins because I think he’s that good. Atlanta keeps playing him at PF, which is silly. But we’d have to sign him to a max contract.

Do you feel comfortable with him as amax contract?

Absolutely :100:. He’s still 23 with room to improve. He can do it all. Also shot 40% from 3 last year.

Founding, what’s your take on John Collins getting a max deal?

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16/9 career, 20/10 last, seems easy choice for hornets to make even at 4/125

Why hawks feel unworthy? not all in on the trae train?