Final game of the regular season

When should we think about tanking this game?

Hawks and Nets games are within reach. 14 point deficits aren’t squat in the nba.

Our only hope is the young Rockets and Stephen Silas

Apparently zero hope of bally/spectrum getting their shirt together

The NBA has stated they know there is a big problem with watching regional sports networks now… I was hanging on but with the other issues we have with Spectrum and the costs it may be time to bow out for a while. Can we say VPN and League Pass?

Borrego, sensing this could be our last home game, gonna piss Lamelo off one more time in front of the home crowd. He was not happy to come out at that stoppage with 7:14 left in the 3rd

He and his fans don’t get a choice on open bleeding

so hes sitting because he had a cut that they fixed? Make it make sense

This gets so tiresome.

Thanks for calling me out and calling me a Lamelo fan over a Hornets fan. Lets ignore the fact that I have been a member of this forum since Lamelo was 6 years old.

You really have done a great job to drive away pretty much everyone from this forum.


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I don’t get how we can keep taking teams lightly, or just not being ready to play for day games. We are playing like we are asleep.

Good finish to the game. Hopefully it’ll carry over and they’ll be ready next game.

Kulboka sighting

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Great burst down the stretch. Now just need that Kubolka mark in the stat sheet

and the first stat is a foul…


Scariest thought if we can escape the play-in, Bally broadcasts the first round of the playoffs.

I have a bad feeling we’re about to have a little Deja vu though

More of a struggle than it probably should’ve been most of the game, but we ultimately handled our business. Doesn’t look like it’ll end up impacting our seeding but nevertheless I’m proud of how this team responded down the stretch overall. We won 11 of our last 15 which is a stark contrast to how last season ended. I’d say we’ve taken a step forward and hopefully we’ll take another big one by making the final field of 8.