The T-Wolves Game

Nobody was pumped to see usplay the wolves?

Not a big fan of the Lamelo benching

Not a fan of Martin playing more than Monk or Melo

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That escalated quickly…in a good way!


I still don’t know which Martin is Cody or Caleb. And I don’t care.

I just started watching a few minutes into the third. Why the Lamelo benching?

Terry was pretty excited it about it being the third quarter.

Would anyone be interested in Culver?

Hell no. That guy sucks.

Up 38 with 7:00 left in the 4th. Damn

Timberwolves you see that guy who just hit three straight threes, thanks for him

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I didn’t think the first half extra seat time was anything negative. There was something off with him in the first. Interesting they/he asked for a different ball at the half, he seemed entirely square after that. And… so did the rest of us.

When Dell is talking about random 90s basketball info you know it’s a good night for the Hornets

I didn’t pay attention to score for most of the third. Just saw half time score and then it seemed like a few minutes later we were up by 20.

Man this team…

Hope PJ is okay. Looks like sprain.

This is the second time they riffed on fingernail length, I wonder if the other time they chatted about that was in DAL.

Seeing Terry, LaMelo, and Devonte’ just smiling and laughing together is the joy I did not know I was missing.


Welp time to go back to throwing them jnto fake trades

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Michael voice: “It’s devastating. You’re devastated right now.”

Great way to go into the break! #AllFly

Awwww. Your new Charlotte Hornets. Thank you for the ride guys, can’t wait for the 2nd half to start. Enjoy the break.