The Quarantine Hornets vs Sixers Pt 2

Just got home from work looks like another fight

No one watching?? Another great game. Nice sequence. Miles with the tough layup able to convert despite contact, and then the Cody Martin 3 to take the lead. Good stuff

I’m not keen on trading Hayward like others are. I’d gladly get rid of pj though

There ya go. PJ banks in a three for his first points of the game.

Is it me, or we get the least amount of calls in the league. It’s so frustrating. We get hit, no call. We get called for fouls / bad calls if we look at someone.


Someone switched Cody Martin’s hands with biyombo’s before the 4th quarter. Jesus dude. So many instances

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Why did the reset the shot clock after that jump ball?

WOW. They just gave Philly a fucking jump ball after it went out of bounds off of embiid.

What a total fucking joke

I know right. Why do we always get screwed by the refs on obvious things. Your market shouldn’t matter but in the NBA it does.

We’re going to play Philly in the playoffs and beat them.

That might have been the worst officiated game I’ve seen this year. Just disgusted most of the second half. The jump ball was the capper.

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I think it speaks more to Philly that they barely beat us full strength when we’re basically 4 rotation guys out. They’re basically Embiid or bust.

And yes, that would be a capper if we can face them in the playoffs and upset them.

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I’m not scared of them. More importantly, the team has no fear of them. I’d love that match up.

Bill Kennedy, Derek Richardson, and Karl Lane should be sent to court after that game. It was one sided the whole entire way. Sixers hip checking us off our spot, hitting us on wrist and arms on drives, and then just an absolute disgrace of a 3rd quarter where they called at least 4 touch fouls on us.

I’m still steamed by the officiating. Some of the fouls during that stint in the 3rd I couldn’t begin to understand.

I came to the conclusion while sitting there tonight that we are better than this Philadelphia team. Can’t wait to get all our guys back.

Also, I could be getting ahead of myself here a touch, but JT Thor is making McDaniels look expendable. I like McDaniels but as everyone keeps talking about, it seems like there is a move to be made right around the corner.

Also just a side note: Caleb Martin had 28 pts and 6 3s tonight to help the Heat beat the Bucks.

NBA refs in general suck. We especially get screwed, but tonight was over the top.

I was one of the few Caleb fans around here. The guy has talent. Both of the Martins are legit NBA players.

Re the officiating, the thing that bugs me the most is that Hayward gets treated like a G-leaguer when it comes to getting calls. The guy is a 12 year vet and has been an all-star yet has to basically get tackled to get a foul called. He deserves more respect than he gets.


The 5 of Hayward, Bridges, Washington, Oubre and Martin have shown to be a very strong and exciting unit. They don’t need a PG or small SG. They’re big, long, strong and hungry veterans with good handles, defense and poise. Sure we need our guys back; but these games have shown what the core of this team can do.