Yeah we are playing the Sixers

Philly up 18-17 in the 1st

Really like JB’s rotations so far.

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I agree, hopefully he keeps it up

We have gotten to the point where Lamelo and Terry play together less than 15 mins per game it feels like

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Guys get sloppy in the second quarter but Martin replaces Oubre for some small ball. It’s clicking IT w a 3 to tie it. PJ playing well.

Lost momentum and down 5 at the half. Terry 0fer 5 shooting not helping. Hayward w awful turnover in the corner. Sixers are good, Tobias Harris reliving his Clippers days hitting 3s.

Embiid 19 pts, 11 rebs and 4 assists in the first half. Must be nice to have that on your team.


I hope we aren’t starting to turn into the end of the season Hornets. Not looking good in this 3rd quarter

Ugh 3rd Q starting bad. Too easy for them. Guys starting soft.

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Awful. Sure Thybulle is a great defender but you don’t have to make it so easy for him

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Our spacing this game has been atrocious. Lamelo with an uncharacteristic 6 turnovers, lots of strips. Man if theres no fouls occurring, Thybulle putting on one of the better defensive performaces I have seen. But again, no spacing. No wonder so many turnovers with passes in tight quarters.

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Worst quarter of the season for our guys

Is Kai with the team? lol

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Nope, only Jalen and Nick besides the ones who played.

How are our guys just not ready to play? They stay up too late or something?

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Well the Sixers are a better balanced team, and they’re having a lot of fun at the moment.

Philly lost 3 in a row and is shooting the lights out. I didn’t like the 12:30 start for our young guys and even though the first half was close they are as bad a matchup for us that exists.

They have owned us forever for that reason.


That being said, once we get out of the play-in tournament that’ll be our first round matchup. Hornets Law.

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This felt like a psychological in-game issue more than a prep or talent one. Once we felt things weren’t going our way, we completely unraveled.

And this just layers on the absolute loathing I have for the Sixers.

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We need cavs to lose

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