Yeah we are playing the Sixers

We had way too many boneheaded plays. Interior defense was a no show. Shooting kinda sucked.

They 3 balled and dunked us back to the church league.

Borrego after the game: “It felt like a new group out there, and its my job to figure it out. Rotations were off, and I have to figure out how to find Gordon minutes and work him into our team.” Paraphrased

Rotations were off… lol. I guess nobody told Borrego until yesterday that Hayward planned to play again this season? Strange thing to say IMO. He is the one that creates the rotations!!!

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Hayward had very little to do with this loss.

Sixers came out in the second half and took full advantage of our sloppy, lazy play. It snow-balled from there.

Love to know what goes down at halftime that they come out so unready.

Was surreal to think how much is riding on every win and we came out of the half that sloppy

Tired of seeing this type of thing.

We’re still one of the youngest teams in the league. They have to mature

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This was such a Hornets thing to do… they seem to always fall apart around this time. We are going other really on, or we do this… I hope it doesn’t continue, but I can’t say that I’m not worried.

Maybe it’s a good thing I had to work this morning and missed this game because that second half looked ugly

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