Let’s blow out the Heat game

Let’s close this break out on a high note. I feel like we’ve a bit better recently…despite still losing. Hopefully we put it all together and beat a good team tonight.

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I think Hayward. Martin and Mcdaniels are a lot more important than we had give credit for . If we shoot the three well it will be our best chance. Good ball movement is another key.


Are they playing tonight?

Glad to see Thor again. I hope Bouknight can get some minutes also. I doubt JB would play both…. Bc reasons.

Update: Bouk sighting!

Looks like we have hot Oubre tonight. If he’s hot, we are hard to beat.

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We really need to win this.

/Obvious post is obvious/

Another hackjob by these refs

So tired of seeing Lowery and Butler flopping. Yet Bam gets away with with a goaltend and an over the back in the last 90 seconds.

Ok, for those watching at home,did they just reward lowry 2 3s for 2 2s?

This is unbelievable. What do they mean you can’t review that? That gets reviewed all the time!


How can a team get screwed as much as we do. Just ridiculous

Borrego really called a timeout to draw that up, LOL

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We can’t even win when we actually win. Can’t catch a break.

JB draws you such great plays out of timeouts. Haha

Luckily, he stopped calling so many timeouts. Of course, the one time he does, we throw it away

We won that. Game ends us up 1. The Lowry bullshit 3 is really hard to stomach.


I feel like we lose so many close games bc of bad calls. And obvious ones at that. Not to mention all the flopping and charge calls the Heat get.

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Yeah, it’s hard for me to criticize anything we did because we did enough to win, and should have won but got robbed. I’m still in disbelief that that play wasn’t reviewed.

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Too much time happened? I have never heard that before. Can’t they just review it at the replay center or whatever and just change that shit?

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I’d be interested to know if that’s actually a rule. I’ve never heard that there is a time limit associated with reviewing whether a shot was a 2 or a 3. Refs have always just checked it at the next dead ball. JB didn’t seem to be buying that rationale in the post game. My guess is the refs just missed it in real time and opted not to look at it.

Freaking stupid. Also, the two minute report is stupid. Just makes me more mad.