Game 22: Hornets at Heat

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A D3 in the first 30 seconds of a game is such a self own

Funny, we're averaging a dumb play per 30s so far


The female referee bet big on the game seems like

Wonder what she put on Miami


Nah fam, this is all self induced stuff.

Still got to be averaging a stupid per minute rate

The effort here feels like

they want to get Clifford fired

Or maybe that's just me

100 1
joy 1

Looking forward to another moral victory game. Those have always led to such growth and progression of the team.

Can they cut it to a one possession game? Absolutely! Can they ever get over the hump? Not in this lifetime!

rofl 1

Not sure about that, this feels like Miami would have to actively set it to lose in order for us to close to one.


This is true, I see the early signs of giving up. Do we have NSJ to look forward to, or is this an Ish, Thor, Bouk, Bryce, and Leaky end of game lineup of (my) death


Pretty soon, we're going to be down to 4 contract players available tonight


How has JT Thor gotten this much worse? Man he has been terrible


My long running contention is that Clifford in no way puts guys generally in a place to succeed.


At least Plotkin is here in person to absorb all that Heat culture and be given the motivation to clean house


As much as we are down… just throw it in and put a shot up damnit. At least try.


End of that 3rd quarter was a LOSER ASS MENTALITY. WTF are we doing wasting that second without an attempt at a catch and shoot or something. WE ARE DOWN 21

Thats trash loser shit

Throw it towards the damn rim or SOMETHING

100 1

I didn’t get that. You could throw it towards your basket and see what happens. Wtf


We don't want to win

I can guarantee you Lamelo Ball puts that up. I don't want to hear the bullshit that we play better without him. Fact of the matter is that Lamelo hasn't had a healthy roster to play with in 2 seasons


I guess we don’t want to mess up our amazing field goal percentage? What the hell. I hate us.


These guys are jogging the heat into a 4 on 1

Nick Richards has sucked this entire game defensively


How do we give up so many cuts to the basket?


We gave up period a long time ago except Miller and Rozier. Everyone else going through the motions


One might want to stick near Robinson in the corner

Clearly I need to watch more games because everytime I don’t watch one it seems to go awful, doesn’t go much better when I do watch them though…

So… PJ was tonight’s cursed Hornet? I see he got 4mins… saw something about shoulder. What’s his situation?

I know I can’t get mad at the team, they didn’t have Melo, Mark, and PJ. And with Nick forgetting where he was at times, we had no effective centers, or any type of rebounding presence.

Miller couldn’t get going in first half, but once he gets warmed up, he really gets going, scores easily. I I know he’s number 4 on the pecking order with Terry, Gordon, and Miles ahead of him, but we should try to work on a few sets to get him easy looks, get him warmed up quicker.

This game had a familiar feel. We either get blitzed from the start and then try to claw back in all game. Or we stay competitive through a quarter or half before the wheels fall off. I guess we didn’t get blown out, woohoo, feels so good. Other than that, see you at the next stop on the Uncle Clifford Moral Victory Tour.

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Missed the game last night. Watched the game highlights. Rozier and Miller stood out to me. Really like Miller’s game and what he can become. Can’t imagine Rozier’s value being any higher. I think last few games he’s playing at an all star level. Lack of defense, again. Especially on drives and cuts to the basket. The heat seem to have complete basketball players instead of athletes with potential. Can we get a couple of those? We let the wrong Martin go. That’s what I saw from the highlights, might be different if I watched the whole game, but I’m not going to torture myself like that.

Just finished watching the full game and I’ve got say is it worth playing Thor god of blunder. Sorry but he’s regressed massively this year he doesn’t look like a basketball player just a tall kid on the court. His 3pt shot has gone he’s got no inside presence and his court awareness is laughable. Sorry to be harsh but if he’s coming off the bench we’re in trouble he’s just taking up a space maybe the kid from Spain could have


God of blunder hah. Nice. Kudos for that.

I’d agree with you. Honestly, he looks like a guy that doesn’t want to make mistakes.

I remember that first year of his and watching him be all over the place during garbage time. Going right at the basket with crazy athleticism. He gave that “whoa, who is that guy??” vibe.

Now he’s not aggressive and looks like he’s trying to mold into a 3andD wing or something.