Hornets @ Knicks

Was that a Melo, Ish, Leaky, Hayward, Thor lineup on the floor towards the end of the second quarter?


I am so sick of PJ’s lackadaisical defense mannnnnn

There’s no shame in forfeiting the game Cliff. Maybe a little, but it would be merciful and refreshing.

Okie dokie Cliff, let’s get NSJ and Bailey into the game. Mostly NSJ.

This lineup. Amazing how thin we are. Lamelo basically the only offensive threat

Can we please see what Nick Smith Jr has to offer?

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This has shown just how important Miller is to us. Wow. This is pathetic

Fun fact Miller is still our 2nd highest scorer! :joy:

Nick just passed him with 12

PJ Washington still hasn’t woken up today

NSJ in for some extended minutes. Let’s see what he has

Can we give Leaky Black some of Thors minutes please and see what he’s got.
JT has been disappointing this year so far.

I’m at work so I couldn’t watch this, but man this is frustrating to see. Why did Miller only get 10 minutes though did he leave with an injury?

Left ankle sprain. Didn’t look too serious though

Bummer seems like he was off to a hot start

Yeah, 11 points in the first quarter. 5/6 shooting I think

He tried to come back in and then immediately went back to locker room after 30 seconds

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I get Theo getting minutes, Ish too. But why all the minutes for Bryce and Thor, I can’t grok.

Leaky showed us more in 5 mins than Bryce or Thor have shown this season IMO. At least Bryce

It shows how important Miller is, how important Terry is, how important Cody is, and as much as we may not like it, how important Miles is. At one point in the first half we had Bryce, Theo and Thor on the floor together. That should never happen. We need all of our guys. So tired of half our team being hurt (or otherwise unavailable) half the time.

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