CHA vs NYK game 2

I hear you, but I think being down ball and Oubre makes what your asking impossible from the bench.

Unless you expect JB to do a big no-no and actually play Bouknight.

I mean, that would be dope to be like 10 deep lol. Im not too worried. Other than this is where I’d like to see Bouknight play but have made peace with that not really happening

Yeah, not wanting anything but the win. But worried that we’ll find this constrict on us quickly as our main offensive weapons get pressed and we have no go-to outlet for points. Hayward has been more aggressive in the second half so maybe just keep him rolling and get some more points from either PJ or Cody and we’ll be able to hold up.

We get one of Jalen, PJ, Ish or Cody going in the 4th and this is a laugher

I don’t think I’m understanding what you’re saying.

I get that’s there’s no bench scoring and that’s concerning, but we’re already down two players. The depth you’re wanting would require Bouknight to get minutes

Side note-I like how the refs are calling the game. Letting the guys play and not calling touch fouls.

Just as I say this, they call that iffy three point foul call giving Martin three shots lol

It’s not a commentary on subs or approach or anything. It’s a commend about legs and only having 2.5 guys doing all the offensive damage against a heck of good defensive minded coach and this could get scary tight on us despite the lead going into the 4th.

We get anyone else contributing and we could get some Bouk garbage time but we need that extra gear to appear offensively.

OH MY Miles!

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Oh man, miles with the amazing reverse. Wowzers

Whew, glad my concern was unwarranted. Nice to see it.

Give Miles a box of popcorn and let him sit. He’s played a hell of a game and was a huge piece of the win.

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I want Jalen, Plumlee, and Cody Martin all back next year on the bench. Martin seems like the guy that’ll come back on a reasonable deal.

I totally understand why plumlee’s name has been included a lot in these hypothetical trades for salary/positional reasons. But the more I see him playing well, the more I want him as a backup center next year. That 8m he’s making is just such a good deal. I think he’s an awesome backup center that will give high effort 20 minutes and will fill in just fine as a starter.

This is assuming the hornets are able to bring in another starting center.


Plumlee has played very different since his Covid absence. I wonder if he saw something at home that changed his approach. He seems better defensively in some ways more than offensively and that seems like a very good thing.

I completely agree. The numbers are better for him but not radically different for plumlee. This is the plumlee I was hoping for.

Plumlee 8m and Martin for around 8m would be super solid.

Is Jalen MickeyD expiring too?

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No, $1.8M team option IIRC

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Plumlee, Martin, McDaniels for 18m?

I’d say hell yeah. (The Cody Martin contract being hypothetical of course)

Great job today. The zone had the Knicks all out of sorts and Miles stepped up huge. It was great to see him and Kemba on the Postgame. Eric said on the broadcast Miles is the only guy left on the team that played with Kemba. Amazing how much this roster has turned over, I never thought about that.

Celtics game on Wednesday is on ESPN so buyer beware. Lol

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That was beautiful to see, the #15 in this was great

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Oh dude for real. I’m super tempted to do a little sports betting on that game Wednesday. Just as you can count on the hornets to blow that game against the magic, you can count of them blowing it in a nationally televised game. Oh baby.


Oh, and for the record, I don’t know who MurderHornets is. This person likes most of my posts, which is of course dope (and a no brainer because im awesome). Thanks for the love.

But it is not a second HP burner account I’ve made to like all my posts. Lol

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You’re welcome

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