Game 30: at Phx

Is Mark playing tonight?

Latest report, Mark also out.

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Of course, Beal is playing tonight.


the more stacked they are, and the less we are, the more chance we have of catching them off guard.

The number of times Miller gets his own rebound has to be higher than average


Sick of opponents scoring buzzer beaters against us, and then us totally not using opportunities to hit Buzzer beaters of our own. Very lame. We just dribble out the clock under 4 seconds

Great 1st quarter for Miller


Nick Richards puts up so little primary defense against any player larger than Chuck Hayes


NSJ for 10 thus far


Who just went to the locker room?

It was Martin. Hopefully just a bathroom break.


Miles, please stop shooting the ball

Would have been fun if Nick and Nurk both got tossed.

Love the play from the two rookies tonight

100 3

Is the emerging play by NSJ, making Rozier expendable?


Until we have expended Miles from this team, I don't want to push anyone out of the boat.


Not running plays for Miller this half is smart. Keep the Suns guessing.

We should never feed the hot hand


Exactly - it's best to pull him out of the game when he gets hot - it's a sure way to make PHX wonder where the points will come from.

my word, our rim defense is like a Benny Hill comedy bit


Also, Nick Smith not playing in this quarter is very smart too. Gotta save him for garbage time


LOL, was that really the plan, hold til the last second, never move the ball across the court, and ease ourselves into a Miles' iso stepback brick 3 pointer? Nice, if that was the plan, we executed that as well as we could if not scoring was the objective.

it would be nice if Cliff were so inclined to swap out a guy that was hitting shots in the first half for the guy shooting 3 of 12.

100 1

Gotta ride the icy hand


for sure, the one that starves ya is the one you need to lean on

It's funny to watch this and recall when Cliff would ride Kemba way past his freshness date and be surprised we'd - as a team - run out of steam down the stretch.


I can't wait until PJ Washington's lazy ass is off this team. Don't I say this every game

PJ has regressed on defense so much that he is reaching Harden levels


Keep shooting Miles - pfft

Save those challenges for Sunday against the Jags, Cliff


If you just spent $2.5b on this team would you be questioning your investment IQ?


I'd be heads down figuring out anyone I want to keep and strategizing my next hires. I would not be watching any of this drek.


It feels more like they bought blockbuster in 2010


Ooof, that Miller to Clifford to team body language wasn't great looking

So Nick Smith scores 0 in the second half on 1 shot and Miller has to force things to get his shots up because we refuse to run plays for him. Also we refuse to back up our players with a challenge at the right time.

I am so sick of this horrible apology-ridden bullshit.


I feel for anyone that thought this season was going to be a “drop a mountain on the over” type of campaign. We’re are so fortunate to have Detroit throwing up on their shoes that no one realizes we made a boom boom in our shorts right now.

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Crazy how many touch (or not touched at all) fouls were called on us while the Suns mugged us without a whistle blown. I dream of the day Melo and Brandon can get those calls.

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Absolutely. I’m over Clifford. Send him home. I was ok with a coaching change after a new GM was hired. But, I can’t take anymore of this. I thought NSJ played well in the first half, on both ends. His second half minutes were meaningless. Miller gets his through the natural flow of the game. Imagine if we tried to get him some looks. Bridges can’t throw it in the ocean, but he gets 37 minutes and 16 shots. Richards got outrebounded by PJ Washington. PJ Washington. I know there’s no other option at C (looking at you MK), and Richards is a backup not starter. But, come on, 2 rebounds in 31 minutes? I’m just tired of this mess. I’m mad because I spent $100 on league pass, I hope the owners, who spent billions, are more upset than that.


I feel like I threw $100 down the garbage, too. So sick of players always being injured, and coaching staff being helpless. The FO needs to go, and fundamental changes needed in the organizational structure.

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I’ll say it since it hasn’t been mentioned, Terry was incredible last night. Another Herculean effort. Also have to shout out Cody Martin. If he can consistently knock down 3s to compliment his defensive energy that elevates us significantly. Agree that BMill and NSJ seemed to have it going as well. I was at least pleased that Cliff allowed Miller to stay in and ride out his hot start, but he still sat way too long for a stretch when the game was still within reach. Also can’t quite understand why NSJ got buried on the bench after flashing in the brief stretch he played as well.

In fairness to Nick, he’s logged double digit rebounds in 4 of the last 5, including 15 against the Nugs. Last night wasn’t his best effort but that was more the exception than the norm so I wouldn’t be too concerned over one game. I did appreciate Nick standing up to Nurk though. While I’m not defending Draymond, I’ve always thought Nurk was a bit of a cheap shot artist so I’m glad (yet surprised) the refs didn’t overreact to Nick retaliating.

Absolutely this! The lack of respect we get is maddening. I get it. We aren’t a good team. But that doesn’t mean our players should be allowed to get hip-checked in mid air with no calls. Melo, Miller, Hayward, Miles and Terry are repeatedly bumped on drives through the lane and absorb far more contact than our defenders are allowed. The foul that was called on Miller late in the game on what I think was one of Beal’s drives was incidental contact at best and likely wouldn’t be called a foul at any level of basketball. We never get that call on our end. PHO shooting 24 FTs to our 8 tells us all we need to know

I’ve been keeping up, but being out of town with all the late night games during the holidays, my energy is like the Hornets on defense.

I see as a fan base we’re crossing the anger stage of the season. Mad at the coaching, FO, ankles, basketball gods… Soon to be overtaken by depression, although many of us are here.

Losing 4 out of 5 starters every other game. No depth inside. No coaching solutions. Bad start to year with easy part of schedule. Rough road trip against western contenders. 10 game losing streak soon to get to 12, 14, 18, 28.
I hit the shot of Depresso before the trip.

Indifference will set in soon. Probably until the trade deadline, where hopes will get up for no good reason because there will never be improvement of the roster.

I don’t know what to tell anybody. Can’t even enjoy having a young star because he’s always on the bench. Tired of riding out a season. Maybe I can start a business and be productive in some other area of my life until the coaching and front office is swapped out.


I understand we have injuries but that doesn’t excuse the incompetence of the front office.
Who goes into the season with only 2 true centers PJ is not a center, and then you let DSJ walk with no back up plan and then have to panic and sign Frank who get’s injured.
To me there doesn’t seem to be any forward planing within the season it’s basically that’s what you’ve got at the start of the season now deal with it, if there’s injuries throw a g league body in

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Indifference is where I started the season. Indifference is where I have been since kembas final season ended.

Honestly if it wasn’t for this community, I’d easily quit following this franchise.


Hey Chef that was very nice of you to say to all of us for real hahaha