Game 34: Bulls at Hornets


Grand Opening, Grand Closing!

Probably shouldn’t have played the Fragile King 36 minutes last game. Or is Gordon the king, didn’t really learn my royalty.

More minutes for NSJ, but I’m sure Cliff will somehow weasel out of giving him real minutes.

Bryce starting even though Nick had seemingly passed him in rotation is very on-brand

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Feels Bully in here


Lets see how this first ATO play goes

Well we didn't turn it over #progress

Who called Nick Smith to be at best 4th player off the bench?

Shot clock violation to start the second on a designed play. Go figure

How is that called offensive on Miller thats his space!

rofl 1

Why do we never get continuation like that?


Also Miller must be on a minutes restriction or something he is gonna play less than 15 minutes in a half again

We must be on a mission to screw Miller out of All Rookie 1st team

I will say, Miller looks way more tired than normal


Nick's block looked good.


He was late to it but definitely got it at the top

But these refs won't overturn


Probably not. But I'm just glad we at least challenged it.


Looks like they may have overturned it? IDK

Wow they did


Pleasantly shocked!


Lineup we are ending this quarter with is idiotic

If they overturn this I am done

Call confirmed. Nice!

I am very done with Richards

Did Terry get fouled?


I'm not sure if he did or not, but it's definitely the type of call other teams would've gotten but we don't.


Rookie ass ref just fucked us over on a FLOP by bitchin ass Caruso

Maybe we will dribble out the clock to end overtime


Just like the end of all those Kemba games

Good thing Cliff saved the 2nd challenge for next game instead of using it on that Caruso flop

Frustrating we couldn’t pull that one out, but very cool that NSJ was trusted to be out there throughout the 4th and OT. He’s going to be a very good player. While the season has been a disappointment, we absolutely nailed this draft.

Also, he won’t get the nod since we aren’t good, but Terry absolutely deserves all-star consideration this year.

Terry is worth the price of admission. Too bad, like Kemba before him, he’s used like he has an infinite supply of energy and he’s a husk of himself with seconds left in the game, when Cliff’s only game plan is Terry pick and roll.

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Terry deserves to be on a contender playing on june

I heard Miller is still sick and was throwing up at halftime

Clifford said Miller has been sick sense the road trip and had to leave the game twice tonight.
NSJ could turn out real good . He plays both sides of the ball hard . And can hit the 3 ball consistant.
Terry what can one say him putting up those numbers getting dubbled ever time up the floor. He does deserve allstar consideration . But he has no chance playing for us .He is under valued by the whole league,.
Just like today ESPN bumped our only national TV game this year.

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If Miller is still sick, just hold him out until he is well.

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