Lessons from Miami & Denver for Hornets?

Sounds like we can agree that neither of them has a lot of glaring flaws which is why they are both getting consideration at the top of the draft. I guess we disagree on who’s game at its best is more valuable or at least you’re more confident than me that Scoot will reach his best opposed to Miller. That’s cool and I’m not saying you’re wrong but It’s fair to question. Whichever becomes a Hornet I hope proves to be best.

Good debate guys! I’m right between the two of you.

I agree with @powellrmp, in that Scoot is the more likely of the two to reach his potential, due to his elite mental skills and his principal flaw (hitting contested 3s) being something that’s easier to improve upon than Miller’s principal flaw (lack of power/strength). That said, it’d be great if the inch Scoot fans have started to add to his height existed. Maybe there’s growth left in him?

I also agree with @Steelmatic‘a main / most pertinent point … if both hit their ceilings, I want Miller. A 6’9” Wing who will take any shot, however big the moment, with full confidence and ability to hit it. A good, switchable defender who wants to defend, can create for others with good passing, as well as for himself with a pretty good handle (especially for his height/position). Can take it to the rim and finish if the lane opens up. However, does he have the genetic potential to add the burst and power to his game that he’ll need to be a prime Paul George rather than a Middleton?

Finally, as much as a Scoot and LaMelo backcourt would offer the full O arsenal, there’s only one ball and both are at their best, with most options available to them, when they have it. You’d have to compromise both of their games, for the 24 mins they share the court (assumption: both play 36, and one is on the court at all times).

Caveat: I still like my trade idea of #2 for Franz Wagner, #6 (Whitmore, Walker, Hendricks in that order) & #11. So feel free to discount everything I say!

I am great with either guy provided the team is making the assessment (of the pick) based on best information available and not by implied fit with the current roster. I’m still uneasy about Mitch saying we could be influenced by fit with this pick.

I do like that Miller can play multiple positions on either side of the ball. I don’t see this comparo but he reminds me of a Portland Nic Batum. I don’t like that he doesn’t seem to have a quick first step however. But he’s got a lot to work with otherwise.

I do think, if we (fans) are talking fit, that Scoot is better than one would think on paper with Ball. He seems to tetris into the few spots that LaMelo has gaps; finishing at the rim, midrange shooting, and being a vocal alpha.

I have only seen Scoot listed at 6’2", where is the 6’3" coming from? Did we get that from a visit he had with us very recently?

6’3 must’ve been with shoes on. I’m fairly sure that’s where I got the 6’3. I think all measurements should be with shoes on, unless we’re going to ask guys to play in those vibram 5 toe shoes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Caleb Martin is balling.

It more highlights the franchise level incompetence of Charlotte basketball more than anything.

Most definitely looks like we kept the wrong Martin. Hornets Law. And you’re worried about which guy we draft? lolololololol.

I’m not laughing, we’re all laughing.


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Wait a minute for the love of God pump the brakes on that one. Rick Carlisle was the bad guy in that story and that is why Luka got him fired. Rick put out a toxic nasty behind the scenes campaign against Dennis. Don’t spend Ricks lies for him:

Okay. Was it Rick Carlisle that forced DSJ to play poorly and get injured in Portland? Was it Rick that told the entire league not to sign DSJ, and only charlotte to offer the vet minimum right before the season? And that stuff may certainly be true but he still didn’t play well.

All I know is that I want DSJ back in a good deal to help solidly the back Court defense. He’d be a good vet for Scoot, which is ironic because DSJ wasn’t a leader or good defender when he came into the league. Definitely not in college.

Here’s what is frustrating. The Hornets have been trying to build a position less roster. The martin boys were/are the two best two way players they had. Both were developing on both ends. Why let him go?

It doesn’t make sense until you realize that they foolishly try to cut it short again and go from a development team to a “contender”.

Both martins should be on the roster at the expense of bouknight or Kai or mason or Thor.