NBA Rivalry Week

Don’t really feel like the Bulls are our rivals but atleast the NBA included us.

The hornets rivals
The lottery
The draft


Hornets rivals were always the Heat and Bucks… Maybe currently the Hawks?

How about poor planning with long winded and expensive contracts? That seems like a big rival to me. Also, given this off-season, maybe the judicial system too /s


Yeah our rivals are Hawks and Heat, but I guess Lamelo and Lonzo right. …, they are definitely not rivals haha

You know they are going to hype up the whole Jordan/Bulls thing but Melo is the main reason why we where included.

I thought to be a true rival, we would’ve had to win some of these?

The most hated rival at first was definitely the Heat, but they’ve way outgrown us, we’re not even a consideration to them, like at all.

Atlanta is the most logical, and I think the league could learn to cultivate it better. Pitting Trae vs. Melo, maybe schedule us for 5 head to head games each year. Home and home back to backs to build the chippyness that comes with fatigue and over familiarity. Tie it in with the Panthers-Falcons rivalry, it really could blossom into an intriguing little rivalry, IF we could ever have some playoff success.

Orlando as a fellow expansionee from the 80’s could’ve been something, or the Wizards are the only other logical ones, but there’s no “hatred” between the cities or franchises.

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I can tell you that nobody cares about NC sports in DC. Well people talk about Duke v UNC in bball and Cam was noticed back in 2015 but NC teams are universally regarded as place holders until teams from NY, Philly, Texas, Chicago, LA, etc appear.

Boston and NY are the teams i hate most . They come in and try to take over our arena. It’s a lot of hate during those games.

I think Nic Batum would be good for rivalry week. Just play 5 on 1 the entire game and run his dumb ass up and down the floor. Let’s make a list of “rival” Bobcats/Hornets players to form a team we all dislike. How about:

MCW/Jeff McInnis
Ben Gordon/Lance Stephenson
Nic Batum/Boris Diaw
Tyrus Thomas/Frank Kaminsky
Tyson Chandler/Dwight Howard

Honorable mentions/Reserve List: Corey Maggette, Spencer Hawes, Dwayne Bacon, Sean May

*Coached by Kenny Atkinson, Assistant Coaches Larry Brown/Sam Vincent. I was going to say Mike Dunlap, but he’s too fucking stupid to include on this list.

Here’s a Corey Maggette gem

Here’s a Spencer Hawes gem

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Throw Jeff Taylor in there

When we had Baron Davis and Jamal Mashburn vs the Bucks with Glen Robinson Ray Allen and Sam Cassell thought that was a good rival for a couple years

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