AI: We Continue to Build Our Death

Tried chatgpt 4 months ago and realized that lots of people (ironically and poetically programmers and codes too) will be put out of a job in about 5 years but had no idea it was this bad:

…The Centre for AI Safety website suggests a number of possible disaster scenarios:

  • AIs could be weaponised - for example, drug-discovery tools could be used to build chemical weapons
  • AI-generated misinformation could destabilise society and “undermine collective decision-making”
  • The power of AI could become increasingly concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, enabling “regimes to enforce narrow values through pervasive surveillance and oppressive censorship”
  • Enfeeblement, where humans become dependent on AI “similar to the scenario portrayed in the film Wall-E”…

I guess it’s nicer to reference Wall-E instead of the Terminator, Ex Machina or Her.

If it makes you feel any better, all of these things are happening with social media, and yet, here we are meeting online talking about grown men professionally playing games. Life goes on… probably?

I also believe that we will see decentralization of AI as the threat of boot on neck scenario grows with artificial general intelligence.

Interesting read if you have a chance.

Yeah if we are going to be put out of a job by tech, then we might as well be obliviously happy until we get the boot. Well maybe we should start prepping now to at least fall on top of the pile of unemployed.

Building your own death bot w free open source code at home. Brilliant! I think that Elon is a doofus (Tweeter is the exact hellscape that he said he was not creating) but he may have a point.

At this rate it will be Madd Max time!

I had not considered the third method/reason for killing us: