Any cyclists in the forum

Curious if anyone does any gravel riding in the Charlotte area. Also interested if anyone here has any good road rides they want to share.

Biked on Rock Creek Park in DC for years. Goes past the national zoo, Georgetown, the Kennedy Center and the Potomac River into Virginia. It was a combination of roads, paved trail, dirt, mud and gravel when I was last on it 12 years ago. Heck it even came w tourists near the back of the zoo part.

I ride ride a much more tamed and civil path that goes by Reagan National Airpot today.

I’m not really a cyclist but I have done a few bike rides at the White water center on the various trails they had.

I would love to take my son down there (WWC) at some point. I have never been but assume my hybrid would be fine on most trails there.

I have a hybrid too, I don’t bike as much as I’d like to, but I enjoy several trails. The one I hit the most is the McMullen Creek one. You can go 9-13 miles depending on which segments you go on. Its mostly paved, with several long segments on a boardwalk, and there is a short dirt/gravel section, but actually really easy to ride on. The trail’s cool cause its like riding through a forest, and the tree canopy keeps it cool during the summer.

The Little Sugar Creek trail is the easiest/smoothest. The lanes are really wide, and is a pretty scenic route. You can start at the Polk House in Pineville, and I think with its connectors its supposed to go all the way downtown. When I was riding last year, they were doing construction around Tyvola, so I don’t know if it connects yet from there.

If you want a challenging Mountain Bike type ride, there is Anne Spring Close Greenway. My hybrid was able to handle it, but it can be a pretty bumpy ride. I thought it was just gonna be a natural trail in the dirt, but its literally a trail through the forest over a lot of roots, a ton of dips and turns. You can’t really open up any speed here, but it was fun and at least worth an experience.

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Put down my first 50-mile ride today. Had been creeping up to it; 32, 37, 42. Super stoked about that PR and happy as hell it was sub -3 hrs. Not by much but I’ll take it.

Now need to find some gravelly bits. And a Tylenol;)