Game 10: 1st Place Battle in the IST

Agreed here as well. Previously I would’ve said Gerald (who is the only other one I’d want back), but Ogelsby is a pro. He knows what he’s doing behind the desk.

I usually fwd through all of that stuff but was watching the 3rd quarter post analysis and was really impressed. I really liked how he isn’t a complete homer. Ashley was not really sure what do with his analysis/predictions because they were all rosey

I’m not really a “refs cost us the game or refs are against us” guy. But I was so mad last night with the officiating and was fully expecting Clifford to get a T. But, no, it never came. At some point, he’s got to stand up for his guys and call the refs, and the league for that matter, out on this.

Cliff did get a tech in the first quarter defending Melo


Thanks for the info. I did miss most of the 1st half. My apologies to coach Clifford.

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