Game 29: Hornets at Lakers

Game 29: Hornets at Lakers

Guess everyone is ready to go! Four letter network sucks.

No injured players??!!

If there are no injured players, is this even an official Hornets game?


That’s strange. HornetsPR twitter shows Melo, Gordon out.

maybe we had too many for the algorithm.

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No Mark, but seems like Miller-Time is back. Let’s Go Brandon!

Saw where Miller was wearing ankle braces at practice.

Role model

Gordon out 2 weeks with a strained calf.

Fell asleep so watched the DVR version.

Miles is such a low BBIQ player. All the rumor sites have him as one of Detroits main targets this offseason and hopefully we’re smart enough to work a trade/get a fat trade exception.

Terry, man the dude just doesn’t pass and it’s contagious; guys with the low bbiq like Miles and PJ start doing the same thing. Terry has a load of talent but he’s an expert at putting an “I” in “team”

I hate how Cliff is so stingy with minutes in regards to Mensah and NSJ. Ya Nick is getting more burn but it’s mostly with Terry; have him replace him and let Nick be the offensive focus.

Great having Brandon back. As Eastley pointed out in a previous game thread he promotes ball movement. Need more of him.

Gotta wonder what’s happening in the locker room where we play the 2nd half like another team. Becoming a thing.

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We're winning!

Oh shoot, that was short lived


I don't think we can win this game, given our frontcourt is short, but we might keep it close


We came out ready which is nice

I think we can win this one


Fingers crossed. I want to see our Big rotations against Davis. Also I want Miller to go on fire for 40+ pts


That seems more like an NSJ thing than a Miller one but I'd take either

We needed this 3pt success. It's been forever since we've had success from the 3pt line. Just need to get back to shooting FTs well

+1 1

NSJ-crew checking in

hes MIA

glad miles is finally hitting some threes


Ish is a good player, but with where the team is right now (slightly better than Pistons), I rather give his minutes to NSH



I thought the hornets offensive sets were pretty bad. Lakers coaching should be held for dereliction of duty


You keep saying that phrase "offensive sets" about the Hornets. I do not think that means what you think that means.

joy 2

I think our only "offensive set" is try to shoot before the buzzer sounds.




Oh I see you NSJ


Peej has been very assertive the last few quarters


Every time i see cliff’s face on a close up, I imagine him in one of those life alert commercials saying “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

much like all of our inbound plays

They’ve fallen, and can’t get up. Hence the repeated 5 second violations

joy 1

James is really a husk of his prime self



Oh of course the lakers are going to overturn this. Because they’re the lakers, and we’re the hornets.


That's a confusing explanation

Cool with it, but that is a lot of words meaning little

Lakers sure hit the deck a lot


All I saw was that little dumbass throw his head back like he was crushed



Does nick want to challenge Biz for most Bobnets goal trends in a season


The lakers need to pull the Lavine trade

their lack of three point and offense is killing their chances of deep playoff runs. Really good defense. Just need another scorer/shooter

but, if Lavine’s knees hold up.

That’s a LAME tech on AD

I missed most of the first quarter. All of miles bridges threes have looked horrible in the second quarter


Ooof on the Hayward calf strain


Ooof watching Nic Richards play defense

Well, it’s been fun having a chance


Good gracious miles is horribly inefficient


Running our offense through Cody Martin is going exactly as I remembered. Lol


Miles really improving that trade interest from the Lakers

What I noticed was Melo and Hayward were not on the bench in the second half.
To me it is telling of locker room trouble, if your highest paid players are not on the bench supporting the team in the second half.
Here is the 1st half:

Here is the 2nd:

I think a lot of our defensive issues stem from having low BBIQ players.

Yes, some of them simply don’t want it enough, and/or only really care about getting their stats, but it’s off ball D where we’re really bad and a lot of that comes down to BBIQ. Look at Miller. Yes he wants it more than most, but he’s clearly got a higher BBIQ, better peripheral vision etc.

Thor, for example, wants it. He just doesn’t seem to get it. No excuse for regressing, other than having a bigger role thrown at him and struggling to cope.

Also, I’m fed up with 6’3” to 6’5” Guards who lack the size/length to defend SFs and the facilitation ability to play PG.