Game 42: Hornets at Pistons

Missed the game. Haven’t seen the final score yet. But reading through the game chat, my blood is boiling. Fire Clifford now. How do go through the 4th quarter and not get Miller a shot. And not getting NSJ more minutes is inexcusable. Of course, Clifford will be here until the end of the season. Positive note, I’m glad @meloFan reminded us that Eric Collins is part of the core.

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Well maybe Miles and Melo did but Terry was in Miami

Once again, it’s the in-game coaching, or lack thereof, where Cliff lacks so severely. As has been said multiple times, you simply cannot allow Miller to not have a shot in the entire 4th quarter. It’s the sort of thing that might happen again, because he’s all about making the right read and not about getting his. Contrast that with Miles … it’s as if he and his agents had a call after Terry left … ‘there’s an opportunity to take ALL the shots and raise our profile and contract $s for next season. I want Miles gone for more than the simple fact he’s a piece of shit.


I worry that the more this season goes, and the more his game reveals itself, the less interest teams will have in him. That’s beyond the limiting factor of the number of teams that already will rule him out due to the PR hit if it.

He produces more than the contract value though so that is kind of null. If we were trying to trade him and he made $25 million I would agree. But at this point it sounds like 2nd rounders are the max we could get for him so he is still worth that