Game 7: Wizards at Hornets

Although, I would say the first quarter pace was pretty good, it fell apart in the second quarter when he went out and we had Theo and Ish. We actually “won” the second half by 3.

But yes, it is something for him to become a master of in order for him to make that leap.

Yeah, when Svi was balling last year, I thought he was a great alternate - either keep Oubre for an allegedly higher price, or go for the cheaper option in Svi who surprisingly could score well and had aggressiveness. And we do neither.

0-for-Thor is back, 0 points in 36 minutes of gameplay last 2 games. Also, in 18 minutes per game, he’s attempted 0 free throws on the season. For our 7th man.


Hilarious! :joy:


All the above is correct. Goodness, we need a reboot.

If you thought the bench was bad last year, you can count on it being worse without Oubre and DSJ.

That’s why I suggested early on when it became clear that miller was legit that he be moved to the starting 5. To allow a vet like Hayward or rozier bolster the bench unit. Especially having Miles coming in off the bench as well.

At the end of the day though, who starts and who comes off the bench really isn’t the issue. That’s just rearranging the deck furniture. The problem is we just don’t have enough talented players, period. Adding Miles in a couple of games will help, but we just need more depth. Adjusting the starting line up can’t fix that.