Hornets vs Pels

We need to find some offense

FIGHTING AND DIGGING. need.1 minute more of stops

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Borrego really gonna offense defense Lamelo right now lol. Had to burn a damn timeout to get him back into the game

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Great shot by LaMelo was worried he’d settle for a three

Really liked how Plumlee played tonight. I don’t say that much. But he really stepped up tonight on both ends. Finally got some rebounding in the 4th quarter.


There’s been a noticeable uptick in Plumlee’s play ever since Trez arrived. His energy is on a different level. I can tolerate this version of him.


Really good win when next to nothing was going consistently well. Impressed we gutted that out.

This is correct. He definitely started giving us more when he felt pressure behind him for minutes.

Great win for the good guys. Winning ugly games is hard to do.