Is this the lowest morale has ever been?

Folks that do that shit aren’t fans, they’re assholes.


We won seven games once

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Ah, here we go. I stand corrected.

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Things definitely can’t get any worse.

I would rather know that we suck (7 games) then knoe that we had promise and it all blew up in our face in a 2.5 week span.


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It may be time for a rebuild using the draft over the next 2 years. The front office has to consider this option.

Ok, I know I was optimistic earlier in the thread but my morale is pretty damn low this morning

What horrible and monstrous acts, the depravity of reported abuse.

Will be worse. Even if “people around him” forcing her to lie and and cover up was limited to entourage…which I find hard to believe but can happen in worst DV…their is franchise and league culpability.

After typing and asking myself why have we not cut. This is not NFL. The NBA can do nothing until player found guilty in court of law. Players league and union protects to a fault. Weak DV policy, Silver and union need to change next CBA, but that’s 3 years away. Maybe this will “woke” entire league into doing something before then.

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Court date for Felony DV is 20th of July. Let’s see if anything comes out of it that will urge NBA to action. Under these circumstances they really shouldn’t wait, but as you said they have limited power now.

The NBA should afford him due process. He is accused not convicted. That said, once the arraignment comes, they can and should put him on suspension until the trial has been completed (if they can via cba)

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Whenever you see certain names trending on twitter, you know its always going to be for terrible reasons. Now whenever I see the Hornets name trending, I’m always expecting a terrible headline.

Yes, it was like that for the Bobcats, but that was more for incompetence. Now its incompetence plus criminality, and stupidity.

Morale definitely sucks, partly because a woman is severely hurt, her kids were affected, a man threw his livelihood and all his goodwill away, and less important, is the impact on the team.

Miles needs to remain out of basketball. I hope he takes this rock bottom inflection point to turn his life around, instead of continuing down the dark path he’s been traveling. Maybe after proper remorse and restitution is paid, and any serious community work to help society should a 2nd chance be available.

I do think the team can recover as I think there is a lot of promise with the young guys. The focus should be on development and building a good culture, and I think Clifford will actually be the best person to build a good culture and foundation.

Maybe he can bring in Marvin as an assistant coach, Biz actually had a great relationship with Melo, Kemba was always super professional. This team really needs an injection of professionalism an accountability, and these are some names that can be trusted.


Of course the team can recover. Miles was a decent player but by no means does this end a franchise unless you choose to go the Penn State route and cover it up

No doubt, but ripping a teams 2nd or 3rd fiddle away, especially a seemingly reliable long term piece, hurts the path or trajectory that was set. Plus the black cloud that can linger over a franchise can dampen the energy.

Obviously, the best choice is a clean break, with a full focus on development. Gotta see what Kai/Bouk/Thor/Williams actually are. And as we all have been saying, gotta get a good young player or first rounder for Terry at this point, his timeline doesn’t match the teams at all. Gordon can hang on until his expiring contract has value. And we actually will have 2 first rounders next year, as the Kai Jones pick we traded is top 16 protected, and I don’t see us making the playoffs next year.


I’m way more concerned about how this affects Melo. If we’ve basically just tread water thru his rookie years will he stay on faith or look for greener pasture?

There is one thing that could make this all far worse and that’s if there was prior knowledge by (any part of management of) the franchise of any of his past acts, particularly against his wife.

I super-huge-big-time-strongly hope that’s not the case and they are all as dumbstruck as we are but this still has a range of going a rung or two further down as incredible as that seems.

He is already doing that for two years