Is this the lowest morale has ever been?

For me it is. The past two seasons of disappointments and the slow motion train wreck of this off season up until this point, punctuated by the Clifford hiring.

Has morale been lower than this?

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Nah, morale has been way worse. I mean, This Is Hornets.

I felt the most prolonged worst watching Tyrus Thomas, Corey Maggette, and Hendo brick through the 7-59 season.

The lowest gut punch was the moment we got the 2nd pick of the Anthony Davis draft. I’m actually still not ok.

Watching Sam Vincent find ways to somehow get worse during his one season.

Watching Mike Dunlap try to relate to another human being.

Watching Larry Brown getting the team to the playoffs for the first time ever, then deciding he wanted to blow it up for the future, then deciding he didn’t care about the future anymore or coaching.

Oh, are we considering when the team was stolen the first time? Cause that was the lowest moment for me for sure.

Right now actually feels pretty good relatively. I didn’t die today. Yet.


I don’t know man. The 7-59 season was so bad, that it didn’t bother me that much. I know that doesn’t make any sense. It was the missing out in Anthony Davis was the one that hurt more.

I may be alone, but for some reason this is an all time low morale point for me.

Because when the team is bad, the team is just…bad. There’s not hopes or excitement anyways. But this team isn’t bad per se. Actually, it could be quite okay. But due to poor decisions on many fronts across the board they just haven’t taken the next step. And just when I think there’s a chance to fix mistakes and set the team up to really make the leap….nope. All wrong.

We didn’t get Atkinson, still stuck with heavy contracts, bridges will put us near the luxury tax with no wiggle room, we sold off the 13th pick for a few dollars, shipped away the better center prospect (Duren), and now we’re stuck with Clifford again.

It’s just unwavering misery that endures with no signs of relief.

I don’t think it has… we had high hopes at one point with this team. I felt we were close… now I feel like we set ourselves back years. However, we are probably in a better position player wise than last year… so there’s that. As long as we sign Miles.

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Clifford isn’t going to play the young players. He’s just not. For me, I’m not so concerned with our record this year or next. I just want to clear out the Hayward and Terry contracts to free up cap space to re sign Melo and match him with other complimentary young talent.

I want a core of young players that’ll be ready to emerge as a core group for when it’s time to re sign Melo. I want these interesting young players we have to get time in the floor (Bouk, Kai, Thor, Williams) to see what we have. I want those guys developed and ready to step into roles alongside Melo. Hell, even Jalen McDaniels too I like.

But they won’t see daylight under Clifford. And we still won’t know what we have. And we all know that we will let Terry and Hayward go for nothing and get no value out of their contracts.

Everything is fucked. This team is so fucked. We have Melo, and Bridges. And Bridges doesn’t deserve a max contract. He doesn’t. He hasn’t made an all star team and hasn’t gotten close to making an all star team. He has no awards and little to no votes.

Bridges crowning achievement is being in 6th or 7th place for most improved player via votes this season…and he’s going to get a max.

That’s the definition of a bad contract.

That’s another reason why my morale is so low. Such a classic move for this franchise to sink too much money into players.

Oh, and one last edit: I’m so devastated about not getting MDA hired. Melo is the only player I really care about in this team, and MDA would have helped fully unlock Melo and propel him into that too teir transcendent talent echelon. Melo in the MDA system would’ve been the most exciting hornets basketball has ever been.

Doesn’t touch losing the team. Not even close.

The losing years didn’t bother me so much after “miraculously” getting another team back so quickly.


Losing the team was so big, I can’t even count it in my low morale moments. There’s nothing that can touch that.

So I’ll rephrase, outside of losing the team, this is the lowest my morale has been about the franchise.

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So yes, this is my depression post that I can use to spew my venom and vitriol about the current state of affairs.

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How you feel is valid. Don’t think anyone came away from this weekend with any positive vibes. I would never tell anyone else how to feel.

The universal feeling is, it was easily worth the value to grab Griffin along with one of the centers. Don’t care about having too many young guys, let AJ and Bouk battle and let the best man win. If 4 Million was such a big deal, then don’t take Plumlees option. Nothing will justify being able to take a swing at talent and just passing.

But I also know a lot of the other negative feelings are based on assumptions too. Everything is not fucked, unless you always assume the worst is gonna happen. Assuming Miles will get the max, assuming no youth will play, assuming the roster is locked with no relief. Assuming Melo says fuck all y’all, I’m out. Assuming we are livin a simulation, but our programmer died after he uploaded the Apocalypse experiment. Assuming the 4 horsemen come, and decide destroying us all would be too merciful, and watching us suffer endlessly is much more enjoyable to them. What were we talking about again?


The main reason things feel bad right now is because we have so much good going our way and we don’t want it squandered.

There’s still lots to feel good about, but the wounds of the past are making most of us cynical.

Although, given all of the crazy things going on in the world, I have a hard time being too deep in my feels over professional basketball.


Outside of the team leaving like others said, my morale was probably pretty low after Borrego’s first season and we know we had to rebuild and Kemba probably wasn’t going to be around.

Having been a Hornets fan forever, the start of rebuilds always are depressing.

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Dude, we have Lamelo Ball. Highs and lows my man. I mean this is the Bobcats you are talking about lol of course morale has been lower.


My Mt. Rushmore of low morale moments the past 20 years:

  1. Losing the team. Doesn’t get worse than that.

  2. The moment I realized we could’ve traded 5/13 to move up and draft CP3

  3. Not getting the #1 pick in 2012

  4. Taking MKG at #2 in 2012. That was a really bad night for me.

Right now doesn’t touch any of those. This week has been frustrating for sure, but really no reason morale should be low right now. We finished 4 games over .500 last year. We have young talent. We added to it with the draft. Things could be way worse.


If the pistons decide NOT to go after Miles then we only had two MINOR set backs this summer. The coaching set back may have NOT been our fault and trading Duren (but he snubbed us - per reports on this board) may have landed us a better offensive player.

Mark W wants to be here as far as I know and Duren and Kenny didn’t. If that is the case then you can’t count the draft as a failure and we dodged a bullet w Kenny.

For the draft we got a 2023 1st round pick to use or trade! We addressed our biggest need on a cheap contract w possible upside potential in a few years. We might have even found a backup PG in the second round.

So far no Hornets caused f-ups this summer. Things are not nearly as bad as projected.

We should be getting hyped up about summer league roster formation and undrafted free agents if we find some.

Everything can still be ok if we come out of July 4th weekend with a re-signed and committed Miles. And not a sense of “this was such an overpay” or we matched but he’s miffed. I am ultimately better with an overpay than a loss of a guy we drafted and developed. So if we lose him, even in a S&T, I will be very, very low.

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Really not loving the Twitter stuff around Miles tonight.

Eastly what are you hearing? About Miles
Trafic on the site seams way up this week. You guys are doing a great job.

I hope they don’t resign him
But I do hope they get something in return for him

Not about Miles, just nasty vitriol sent his way from ?Hornets fans? Something about him removing Hornets info from his IG profile. Pretty sure it’s actually standard when players go into free agency but folks are being assholes about it like it’s a slight.

I just found ir under Miles Bridges news , He took Charlotte Hornets off his bio. And changed it to its me.
He all so seemed quite up set about what a fan said to hlm.