LaMelo Wins ROY


First one since Emeka Okafor I believe - there was controversy around that one too with Dwight Howard. I think Dwight won the war there, lol. Let’s hope Edwards doesn’t also win the war with this one too.

Proud day for us. Big diff is that Dwight was the “raw star” in that draft, and Lamelo is the “raw star” in this one.

Let me be clear, our guy is RAW but incredibly gifted. His future will only be limited by the work he puts in.

I mean it is still pinch myself moments over here. I have my Lamelo jersey on and I’m about to go outside and show it off for the world to see

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This is amazingly awesome

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As is this

This year, no first team shenanigans

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Feels weird having the best rookie in the league, like it’s not something that should happen to Hornets fans

Voting results: 2020-21 NBA regular-season awards - NBA Communications

Interesting to note that Miles and Terry got MIP votes (3rd place but votes nonetheless), Miles got 6th man votes as well.

I wonder what Bridges would have done without Hayward all year. I love having Hayward of course.

More awards

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