LaMelo expected to miss rest of season with wrist fracture

Per ESPN app. We just can’t have anything nice smh.

This sucks so much man

I think we may still be good enough to make it but I don’t even want to make the playoffs anymore. Maybe we get lucky and jump up in the lotto again and get another young star to pair with Melo. That’s the only silver lining I can see right now.

Let me just say the DLo just made my GFY list. What an insanely assholish tweet.

Like Hector’s energy

WHAT A TURD :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: kinda tells you the maturity of the guy :man_facepalming:t3:

Tanks for making this thread. A lot of the conversation was getting LOSSt between threads.

I feel like I just lost a winning lottery ticket, hope we can cash in a new one this summer!

No doubt we just turned from buyers into sellers, and I hope they embrace the tank


Yep, #2. Holds true every time.

hornets law

There are two immutable laws of Hornets fandom:

  1. You will always end up disappointed
  2. Before being disappointed, they will make sure to always do something promising to build you up, to think you’re turning to corner, to make you believe that this time will truly be different, before dropkicking you back to #1

Well this sucks. The team always does seem to play better when an injured guard is out. Sucks that that’s Melo though. Time for Monk to step up again hopefully.

Maaaannnn this is the most Hornets thing that could happen. Of course when we get good fortune for once and get Lamelo-who turns out to be a fire player, he gets injured for the rest of the season. He’s the one lottery pick we’ve had that’s actually panned out.

Of course that happens.

Is the out for the season tag the worst case scenario? What’s the best case scenario for this types of injury?

Best case scenario at this point feels like he would be able to return for playoffs.

But we will play it safe, obvious direction at this point is to competitively lose often

Got it. Given this injury, I’m still on the fence if we should pack it up or if we just carry on and continue to compete for a play in spot.

It depends on if our focus is on the now or the future. I think it should be on the “near future”, meaning next season.

The ultimate goal is to build a championship competitor. The best pathway to that would be trying our luck again in the mid-lotto.

We are 5 games out of 5th worst record in the league. It is doable that we could put ourselves in position to have more lotto luck, and you know how much the NBA would love to add another stud to Lamelo and the squad


I’m fairly sure that Mitch can out draft his pick number so I’m confidant with anything he’s picking, from lottery luck to the high teens.

I don’t know if we need to do anything but try our best with what we have. Make a trade if something magical crosses our desk or stay pat if not.

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I have Mobley pipe dreams so while I do agree that Mitch could find a stud anywhere, it would be nice to have the choice of the top selections haha

It’ll basically be determined by what Mitch does. JB will do everything in his power to make the playoffs, as that is his job. And the players are gonna play hard because they’re working on getting a big contract, and they also want the postseason too.

So obviously they’re not gonna trade for an impact player now to help this years team. Trading Cody would force JB to play the young guys, and of course make us worse, which is ok. That’s probably the easiest and tankiest move we could make.


But how exciting would it be, if we made the playoffs, giving him time to come back and lead us to the championship. :wink:

Get the Martins on the floor, let’s get this damn tank job rolling fellas.

Oh god… I’m going to have a hard time watching if that’s what happens. But I’m afraid that’s going to happen. We gotta prioritize Martins > Monk. Haha

What freaking hornets dispiriting bad luck injury. Part of me wants to tank get pieces build around Lamelo for the future. But not see doing as we try to continue the lamelony changing of how the Hornets viewed around NBA.

Was wait for 2nd opinion, remind after another heartbreak fractured wrist in Kendal Marshal, broke first NCAA game, was at practice a couple weeks later before being ruled out. But very differenct, last college game, in cast if on court and not want any of part of than and back till 100%…no talking about to MJ about headache pills & 63 point games.