Lamelo returns against Pistons

Finally Melo returns.

Fresh new photo for the game


Just leaving this here

Very bad defense tonight.

Maybe I am reading it wrong, but do some players look frustrated with Cliff? Lamelo, Oubre to name a few.

If this team can’t beat DET at home with an able-bodied LaMelo back, that’s not just about the ingredients.

That we give up over 100 in 3 quarters is looney toons.

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We won’t have Lamelo in possible OT because Cliff didn’t challenge that obvious block…

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Why play Plumlee 35 minutes in this when you need physicality? Is Nick that much less bruisy?

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That was another nice competitive loss! Hornets secure worst record in the league!

It’s time to start taking offers for thease guys . Ever one but Ball works for me.

That was a really hard fought game between 2 of this seasons heavyweights for first place, but we ultimately prevailed! Melo definitely did his part at the end of the game to foul out, but we were struggling on offense hitting too many shots. Thank goodness for our defense to bail us out in overtime to make sure we came out on top!


We’re number 1, we’re number 1! Going to savor this while it lasts


Lets just hope we stay the course and don’t try everything in our power to get back to loke the 8th worst record. I mean right now we are 28 games into an 82 game season, just over a 3rd of the way through! On pace for 21 wins, I estimated we needed 22-25 wins to get top 4 odds