The Buzz Boys are Almost Back vs Detroit

No Devonte tonight but LaMelo and Monk back

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Welcome back ’Melo!

What a freaking pass!

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That pass… he’s back

Love the other guards, but game is just different with Ball out there. Glad he’s back!

Also, triple-double alert on his return. Looking to ice that ROY vote.


What a breath of fresh air. Lamelo is incredible. Messing around with a triple double in 28 minutes

That underhanded 60 foot toss on the money was such a “game blouses” moment on the ROY discussion

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Yeah it was an emphatic way to seal the deal. With the most amount of swag possible

Hey @GeraldWallaceMVP FYI

My thoughts from the game last night. I thought Lamelo made a huge impact from what I have seen on TV, but it is MUCH more evident in person.

I was sitting in the corner in 102, and when he threw that pass to Bridges, it looked like it was gonna sail out of bounds, and then all of a sudden it just DROPPED out of the sky into Bridges hands. Wild moment.

Overall, we performed when it mattered. Tougher roads lie ahead.

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I realized that this is from our previous game against the Pistons so never mind.