Hornets Up North

Would really like to win the next two

We must just give teams the easiest looks the get, because teams often go nuts on us from 3

They might throw out PJ here even though the raps rook was at fault

Another incredibly embarrassing half of defense and more Lamelo benching. Yay!

Plus side is Bouknight got minutes and has kept us within non blowout distance at half

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I hate our team. Seems like a never ending treadmill of mediocrity. Anytime I think we are finally good…. We play like this for multiple games. Every year.

Bouknight looked good . I called this early today saying Oubre is being traded for a big and the kid is ready for rotation play. The Washington deal was bull . We got to rebound to have a chance. Calling up THOR

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This is a common theme. No reason to lose to raps down Van Vleet and Barnes. But we are gonna give up 140 to them…

Hot take: it seems to me like Melo doesn’t want to play for some reason anymore. His motivation seems low. Could be some friction between him and JB, what do you think?

Or it could be maybe he still hasn’t shaken off the Covid, who knows.

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Missed the game tonight but another loss with no Gordon and the old no defense guys showed up again.

Let’s get right against Indy and get the groove back

He just had 25pts on 50% shooting I think he’s okay. He’s obviously had a little bit of a slump lately but it happens to everybody. He’s still been passing and rebounding hard.

No offense but judging by your name I’m assuming you’re a LaMelo fan which is fine. However, I think LaMelo fans tend to dislike James Borrego for not giving LaMelo the complete keys to the team . So they read through everything LaMelo does with tinted glasses and are feel like LaMelo should be upset about it too.

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