2023-24 Hornets General Discussion Thread

Panthers are doing everything they can to improve the value of my Hornets tickets

I wanted Stroud big time at first.

But all those offensive QB gurus the Panthers allegedly brought in (or so I was told), with all the leaks about their love for Bryce, they convinced me to give it a chance and trust their evaluation that Bryce was the best prospect of the draft, that his mind was generational and something rare we haven’t seen.

How the hell do you have a whole month to analyze every last detail of all the prospects and not see how good Stroud was? It isn’t even about if Bryce will eventually catch on or not. Stroud looking like the next coming of Aaron Rodgers out there setting records, while I don’t even know if Bryce can throw it down the field since they don’t even attempt to throw a single bomb down the field. Dink and dunk all day.

Plus trading away their best receiver, and the #1 pick in the draft next year. All fireable offenses for everyone involved. You cant fail this badly with such a pick.

Would be like the Spurs picking Scoot over Wemby.

If we’re talking Panthers, yeah Stroud was my guy too, but they seemed so sure Young was IT that I thought well ok then. Come on though, 5’-10”? Really!? Well ok then…

But watching the Teppers’ (the wife especially) faun over him during his workouts gave me serious ‘oh shit’ vibes.

From the first preseason game there’s been bright red alerts about the coaching. Reich appears to be awful. Wilks was it. Really bad decision there. Tepper again?

I like Fitterrer. He had me so excited with the free agent moves he made. But he’s likely gone because the Teppers’ poor choices. What a waste. The franchise may be lost.

Certainly a recipe to derail a rebuilding franchise. Compounding errors with that high level of draft capital … #1 overall pick QB, established #1 WR and next years #1 overall pick … ouch.

Didn’t know where to put this. Might be significant changes next year. Hopefully the blackout rules will at least be reduced.


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Help wanted: Backup PG: must be able to dribble with off hand.

Help wanted: Three point shooter. Set shooter acceptable.


Since Bouknight has been cleared to play, just give him all the minutes he can handle. I don’t even care. Let him show us something. Cannot be any worse.

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Never thought I would say this but we need to let Bpuknight and DSJ both get some burn to see if either can step up.

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I’d say give Bouk some burn tonight and if he has 5 good minutes, pull him and put a for sale sign out front and see if you can get anything for him.

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Gordo most likely out tonight for the Cup game

Thank God he played, wow

I only watched 30-40% of the game, but from what I saw Gordon looked fine.

Edit: what was the injury?


Was told he most likely would not play.

Yet another time I get info that’s subject to change and does. Sorry

In a non contract year he definitely would have sat

Well it’s not like this team has ever been upfront or clear with injuries. Ever.

Guys, I don’t think that Cody Martin is real. I don’t believe in Cody Martin. Santa, the Easter bunny, Cody Martin. None of those are real.


Cody Martin, or is it Cody MacGuffin? Hrmmm

I mean, pretty much at this point