2023-24 Hornets General Discussion Thread

Yeah, they definitely aren’t the most known for sure but what else we got

Yup I’m glad I didn’t dump money yet into that 31 win line. Dang man the bench could be roooough.

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But dude I was really to SMASH that over on the 31 wins too. And then I cooled off on that pretty quick.

We are a gift to the entire nba media landscape

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That’s civil right?

I would assume that is expected and the team was figuring on that. But yes you are correct.

It was not a matter of if but when on this. You had to know it was coming. From what I’ve read I think it’s safe that there’s no grounds to charge him criminally but of course the burden of proof is less for a civil suit and with his money/status (especially opposed to the other defendants involved) he was clearly going to be a target for civil suit.


It’s not a matter of civil or criminal liability. It’s just more sticks on the camel’s back of an organization that hasn’t taken action on the most actionable thing in a decade with Miles. Had they done that, this would look a lot more like it is at face value. But as-is, it just looks like an organizational version of Faber College’s Delta Tau Chi.

Since so many in here correct me that the Germans didn’t bomb Pearl Harbo, waiting for someone to bless me out for dissing Delta Tau Chi.

Yeah, this is the key thing as far as our second straight offseason of leading the league in horrendous headlines. Miller had nothing to do with his dumb ass teammate and friend’s actions, but the connections allow people to rave about the criminality and immaturity of the Jailnets.

Creating distance from crime lord Miles may have allowed rational analysis of the situation, but now Stephen A and all the podcasters get to lump this in with Miles, Bouk, Monterzl, Kai, and whatever else dumb that comes up.

As far as the legal side, any good lawyer is going to attach as many people as they can, especially any with deeper pockets, to a lawsuit. You would be failing your client if you didn’t. It is up to each defendants lawyer to then argue why they should be dropped from the case initially, otherwise you run the risk of a jury finding you liable.

I think Miller should be fine. In tort law, proximate cause needs to be established connecting a person to the wrongful death: “the wrongful act must be “a substantial factor in bringing about” the death”

Her estate’s lawyer may argue that, without Miller’s actions, she wouldn’t have died. But I think his actions are too distantly related to the actions that actually caused the death. All Miller did was drive his car to pick up his friend.

Also, it has to be a wrongful act. There has been no proof whether he saw the text or even knew the gun was in the car. But even if so, there was no wrongful act on Miller’s part. The dumbass friend went through his own belongings that were already in the car when they went out, there was no intent to provide a weapon. Plus, I don’t think it’s against the law to give someone their own weapon, as I think most people don’t believe someone is about to commit murder on a college campus while hanging out.

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True story, when I worked at the gym at Duke and was teaching a class (all over 60 years old) I said “was it over when the Germans bombed pearl harbor” I got a smattering of snickers but got 4 people after class coming up to give me a history lesson.

I had to explain to them that I was playing 4d chess


I am interested in other viewpoints on this but would suggest, seeing Rudy Gay waived, that we outright sign him. He was witness to OJ Mayo’s downfall and witness to an immensely immature Kyle Lowry at MEM. He could bring a eff load of maturity and perspective to our locker room. I still feel strongly though that the most critical move needs to be waiving Miles regardless. But I’d like the idea of bringing in Rudy for locker room reasons alone.


I would also sign Ricky council iv immediately

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Probably be a good mentor for "It's Miller Time!" too.

Just playing the cursed organization headline screenshot game

Good for the whole if the locker room. An actual playing Marvin Williams vs a front office version of him.


Yeah, I saw that and immediately thought we should bring him in. Perfect vet mentor, who can still play, who along with Biz, would bring maturity in the locker room.

But the problem is expecting Mitch to ever do something whenever we need to make a positive move. Here’s his response every time.


Frank is out four weeks with a tibia fracture. I literally think that someone or something has cursed this franchise. Bob Johnson? George Shinn? Ray Woolridge? Purple Shirt Guy?

Those are my top 4 choices.

Well at least we signed Theo to cover our backup PG. Oh wait…

What does a good headline look like? Like we can’t even get one?

Lamelo resigned. Thats a positive. Like the only one. Lol

Better late than never('06 draft, sigh…)

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Now you’re just toying with me