2023-24 Season Schedule

A couple of significant home game stretches in November (5), massive one from end of January into February (10 games with 2 single games away splitting it up), and near end of the season (7). Only one really extended road trip is around New Years.


That extended road trip you mentioned along with those two homestands will tell the story of our team this season.

We got screwed. 15 home back to backs. Lame. Really lame. Basically eliminates home advantage and we are going to be spending A LOT of time on the road

Charlotte are on the high end of back to backs as they request Friday/Saturday/Sunday games for attendance and due to having the 7th lowest travel distance in the league.

Some more details:

Hornets schedule analysis

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End of season 3 road games, but 7 home games before this.

Rest of post all star break brutal…5 home, 13 away
3 back to backs one backtobacktoback.

Edit. Need win games before all star break 10 home & 2 away. Include 7/8 at home before trade deadline.

Never seen this before. Does any other team have one? Can’t believe the CBA allows it. With load management being a big issue, really surprised about this.


Think that you have 3 days off ahead softens that a bit. It’s far better than the old 4 games in 5 nights imo

Clips game is on the 31st of march though, so no back to back to backs. Hawks on the 23rd, cavs 25th

But yes, that post all star 17 game stretch would make or break the season.

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You are correct. Was looking at the monthly schedule and it looked like a backtobacktoback. Had to look at 3 times before I finally figured it out. One more reason getting old sucks.

Not for one moment have I considered our post all star break schedule is conducive to a bit of a youth movement/draft odds improvement, should it look as though we’re not in playoff contention.

If anyone is interested in buying some tickets let me know, especially early in the season. Lower Level 116 Row CC.

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