2021-22 Hornets Preseason

Good to know we have the old crew returning in full and no surprises there.


from Hornets Announce 2021-22 Regular-Season Schedule | Charlotte Hornets (nba.com)

Big things that really catch my eye is:

  • December and January look brutal
  • The 8 nationally televised games feels like an 8-fold expansion over 2019’s tv schedule
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Thought we’d get more National TV games but it doesn’t really matter

Did not check matchups, but wow need to be big time road warriors start season…13 home & 23 away.

Get thru this, next year will see that favorable imbalance turnabout
January 9 & 7
Feb & March 17-9
April 2-3

Opening day big, get revenge game vs Pacers at Home. Looking forward to JB and returnees bounce back from that playin dumpster fire and how our new centers and bench play.

6 games vs SE this year, one home vs Wizards
Our guys get most all holidays off, think only is MLK day at Knicks.


That’s great. I don’t think there is a better person for the job.

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Oh but it does. Especially to the players.

Damn, never knew that when Max Smart was holding up his thumb and index finger, it was 4 free throws. That’s soooo flippin’ close to a 40/50/90

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Could Miles be starting this year? He’s running with the starting line up in this video

Okay so today I signed up for Directv Stream just so that I could watch Hornets games on Bally. $95 a month (includes $10 for unlimited cloud DVR). I’ll need to drop Hulu, which I don’t want to do, but don’t really have a choice if I want to watch the Hornets.

I don’t know what else to do. Spectrum is a possibility but they require a contract.

Signing up for Directv (AT&T) wasn’t fun. No contract, but I had to “apply” over the phone. Their online signup was broken. They actually wanted my drivers license number for a freaking streaming service that I’ll drop if they piss me off…

Seems to be working great tho, so far so good. Recommend Roku if you have a smart TV with lousy WiFi reception like we do.

Comcast baby

We’re on Spectrum and while I don’t like the cost or the upload bandwidth limits, I figure as long as their name is on the arena, they’ll carry the games (please don’t make me regret that statement Spectrum).

Does YouTube tv have Hornets games? I moved out of my moms house so no more free cable sadly

No I don’t think so.

No. Don’t think any of the streaming services carry Bally’s. YouTube TV does offer NBA league pass for $40 month, that’s all out of market games. I just dropped spectrum and got YouTube TV, so far so good.

I wonder if health and safety protocols will be used to get rest for certain players. What are the rules?