2021-22 Hornets Preseason

Are we televised tonight?

It’s on the schedule on Bally - Direct Stream.

Not on my Spectrum schedule (Charlotte area). It’s some Facing Waves stuff

Not on my Bally schedule in Winston. Says I need to subscribe to “NBACHA” to watch. I don’t know what that is.

Directv Stream maybe about to be cancelled.

Seeing commercials for the Atlanta Hawks. That’s so cool.

LOL at 7:02 it switched from some random outdoors show to the Hornets. My oh my.

It’s so frustrating they (Bally, nee Fox Sports) can’t consistently figure this stuff out

JB sure does love him some Cody Martin.

No Kelly, no Gordo, Cody plug in makes sense imo

It’s on DirecTV 646-4

Probably a good thing I didn’t watch that

Wes Iwundu is much less impressive than I expected. I was hopeful he was a wing depth guy but I’m not seeing how he stays on the team right now.


He will not make the team

I don’t understand why Arnold is not getting some run

I’m astonished this place hasn’t gone bezerk over the Gelo, prep for the Swarm, signing today

I am PUMPED we signed him. We need more shooting and physicality, and there could be something there.

GB24, this signing it just a way to put him on the Swarm roster with an Exhibit 10 contract. An E10 just allows us to waive him and incentivize him staying in the farm system with up to a $50k bonus. To me, this is as much an indicator that he’s going to play on the big squad this year as a single hair on my head showing up as an indicator that my baldness is retreating. Feel very confident there’s literally nothing there. We still have to waive one guy off the active roster to get to 15.

I feel like he earned a G-league shot with his play in the Summer league even if he LaMelo wasn’t here

Oh yeah totally get it. I was just more saying that I would rather have him in the fold/program than not and that I think he has a really legit chance to make our roster next year if not this year.

I have YouTube tv…. Doesn’t carry Hornets games but I love it overall. I use my parents spectrum login on the Bally Sports app to watch all the games.

I found the Hornet games on 66 on Spectrum. It was Bally.
didn’t show up on guide but it was broadcast any way. It was true for all of their game so far.

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long road and can finally work on game somewhere, basically same as when undrafted 3 years ago.

Gunner that will take a lot of shots…expect will lead Swarm in FG attempts per 36 minutes. And Gellomania sell out 2100 fieldhouse here in Greensboro.
Weak at Passing, dribbling, defense…IQ good and strong defense guesser like our other wing shooter project…Gelo lead SL with 3.3 steals/36 minutes, Kulbo 3 steals/36.

There are possible end of roster wing spot open next year…Cody RFA, Jalen club option.
Lewis a early favorite to replace Cody if can get assist/TO rate lower…has athleticism and defense, with guard ball skills and surprise JB better shooting than expected.
SF Gello and SF Kulbo need to show a lot for us to cut SF Jalen.

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