A GPU, a GPU, my kingdom for a GPU

Thought I’d create a distinct thread and not cloud up the WAYW2k thread further.

This could just as easily be about Xbox Series X or PS5 from what I can tell. I also have been looking to build a desktop since the beginning of the year. GPU availability has been bonkers. I started just doing a daily search for card availability through Newegg and PCPartPicker. Then moved directly to sources like Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Walmart, etc… Then I just stopped for a while and went to weekend searches. Recently, a few weeks ago, I signed up for notifications on B&H and NowInStock.net. Presently, I have alerts set for what amounts to hundreds of cards and still no success. Now I just stand up browser tabs that have active alert pages for NowInStock for 1660 Ti/1660 Super/1660/1650, 3060, 3060 Ti, 3070, 3080, 5700XT, 6800 cards. And wait for the alarm and try buy. I have yet to be able to put a card in my cart AND buy it yet. I have seen multiple times however where I have an alert (particularly 3060 and 3060 Ti cards) on Amazon and immediately go to buy and cannot get it bought… and then see it available minutes later for $1199 from a reseller (a $389 card). I am fortunate that I don’t need this, and no way I am going to buy one from a reseller, but good gracious this is the most strange thing I have seen in the tech-buying space.

I have been looking for a Series X since December and have had one in two carts but never able to land one.

Yeah, it’s completely bananas. Wondering along with everything else that’s been going on if the climb of bitcoin has also fueled it. (Or perhaps the dearth of GPUs has strengthened bitcoin!)

While I’ve been itching to do a new build, I’m going to wait until the new Elder Scrolls game comes out before I do. I have no reason to build for now other than vanity. Hate you’re dealing with that though. It seems like it should be so simple for what is a consumer good.

I work at one of the retail stores you listed right now to pay for school. We basically have had zero stock for months, we maybe get 5 consoles in a month right now and we’re a big store in Charlotte.

We’ve had 1 ps5 and two of the new Xbox since they came out.

I’m wanting to get a decent pc so I can get into pc gaming but prices are crazy right now

I appreciate that but please don’t confuse this for real problems. It’s fortunate today that this is the extent of my challenge.

GWMVP, I don’t doubt that stores ever even see inventory of consoles and graphics cards. At some point, there will be a good number of resellers (by resellers, I don’t mean box stores and credible sales that occur at MSRP) that hopefully are forced to sell inventory below cost for what they are doing with it but we’ll have to wait until a big wave of supply hits.

I mean… I’m not sending you money or anything.

Just trying to commiserate.


Yes, yes - we’re on the same page.

Your build, what are you looking at parts-wise? It took me over a decade to think about departing from an Intel CPU but here I am. These Zen 3 CPUs are just amazing me.

I don’t know. It would definitely be a Ryzen build. I’m on an older motherboard at the moment, so I’ll have to redo everything but the case and maybe the power supply.

Although I bought a giant Fractal Design case for this build, and now I’m thinking I want some kind of micro ATX build in a small case since I’m know I’m probably not going to do any crazy cooling or dual card configurations.

I like a small form factor conceptually but think I’ll go mid-tower just to future proof myself. I have been so expandability bound for so long being on laptops that the last thing I want to do is not be able to stretch my legs so to speak.

I read that Zen 4 will not use the AM4 socket so there’s a bit of lamenting that I’d be buying at the end of this run. I sort of want to build something edgy so I’m not bummed a year later. I guess it’s possible I am waiting long enough for a GPU that the 5nm chips are out lol

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I have added new alerts to my game by following StockDrops on the Twitter and 16 days later… still not even able to successfully see a GPU in a shopping cart yet. This is mildly entertaining.

@ziggy I don’t know if I should tell you this or not… but, I turned down a job offer from NVIDIA last week.

Device driver work? They were a client of ours when I was with the startup (RTP-based) but this was likely 2004ish. They have offices in NC right?

I’m still striking out finding any cards lol. If you made a networking connection for buying one though… :slight_smile:

This position would have been managing work associated with their datacenters. I believe they do have offices in Durham. I would have been able to still work from home but primarily with CA folks. So the west coast time schedule was a no go for me.

It is amazing how many things are on backorder across different industries!

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I think I have given up and will go the NUC Enthusiast route and hope for backorder fill within 4-5 weeks. Argh, I really wanted to try out the AMD Ryzen life but that will have to wait for a time.

GPU reseller twits and cryptocurrency miners, you won!

At some point, I’d like to see 60 Minutes do a deep dive into this horde and resell cycle by Amazon and others. Online storefronts that enable auto buying by bots on stock drops and then near immediate allowing a turn around resale at a 3-4x mark up at the same storefront. I get why Amazon and others do this, they get a rip on each sale, but damn if it’s not some sleazy looking stuff.

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